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Ché Adams needs to realize that he's a leader for Southampton
Nov 30, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

Ché Adams needs to realize that he's a leader for Southampton

In the past two years, Southampton was synonymous with Danny Ings. With his departure, Ché Adams needs to realize his new role at Southampton. He is in stellar form as of late but he still needs to be more assertive for Ralph Hasenhüttl’s squad.

Most of the football world was surprised when Ings left the club, especially Southampton. The Saints were expecting Ings and Adams would click further because they were finding their stride at the tail end of the 2020-21 season. Now, Adams has to mesh with new players.

Adam Armstrong has been a fine replacement for Ings but he is still finding his stride in the Premier League. He was a prolific forward in the Championship but the Prem is a different beast. It is hard to adjust to the pace and physicality of the English top-flight. However, Adams faced this issue during his first few months in the Prem.

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If Adams takes charge, the Saints are in a much better spot

When Adams is assertive, you can see that the Saints play much better. This is also the case for his Scotland stints because he has been stellar for the national team. When he’s locked in, it is hard to bet against Adams because he will do everything to get a goal. He is not a selfish player because he is also a solid playmaker.

In the Saints’ match against Norwich City back on November 20, Adams scored the sole goal early on but he struggled to reach the same level. He struggles with inconsistency which is a bad trait for any striker. He has to acknowledge that he’s making mistakes because that is the first step towards improvement.

He knows when he struggles, he can bounce back. Adams looked back on the first few months of his time with the Saints. He said, ‘I was just too uptight. I needed to be more patient because my mind was so set on scoring goals that I was so anxious about doing that. I know now that is where I went wrong. I was snatching at things when I should have just been relaxed about it’.

If he knows what to fix, you can expect Adams to be a much better player in the Saints’ important fixtures in the Prem or cup competitions.

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Adams should be a leader moving forward

While James Ward-Prowse is the club captain, he should not be the only commanding voice in the dressing room. Adams is the team’s biggest star on the offensive end and if he can lead them, you can expect the squad to become a better Premier League team. 

Adams himself is gradually accepting his role as the main striker and a leader on offence. He said, ‘Obviously it’s difficult to say, because I feel so young as well at the same time. But I mean, I’ve been in this league for a couple of years now and it’s up to me to help them – help Armando (Broja) and help Adam as to what happened to me and where I went wrong’.

If Adams can play at his preferred level, you can expect Ralph and his staff to follow his lead. It will be difficult to be a leader moving forward but he needs to embrace it so the Saints can be a stronger team with him as their centrepiece. 

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA