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Comparing Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig
Feb 6, 2020, 6:01:00 AM

Comparing Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig

Matchday 21 will feature the top two teams in the Bundesliga going at one another in a no holds barred match to see who deserves to be at the top.

While the schedule of clubs that will play against one another is drawn at random, there is the occasion where two teams of championship calibre face each other in a given day. The moment Bayern and Leipzig take the field on Sunday evening will be the deciding moment on who deserves to sit rightfully atop the league table. With the stakes growing larger and the suspense even larger, there is no doubt that the top-of-the-table match will provide more than enough drama and have significant consequences for both clubs.

Here are a few comparisons for both clubs heading into the match.


The two clubs have a combined 111 goals in 40 games, meaning that both teams don’t shy away from scoring when the opportunity presents itself - or when they have to make that opportunity happen. Bayern, more specifically, has 58 goals but Leipzig’s 53 is something that can definitely challenge the defending champions - at 2.65 goals per game, it’s something that every club should fear. With Robert Lewandowski and Timo Werner in the lineups of the clubs, it’s no surprise, then, that the number of goals has reached this number.

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However, those 111 goals were scored by 26 different players - 13 from each club. This shows how the players have contributed to their side’s success in the Bundesliga. Bayern has scored 12 goals before and after the winter break. Leipzig, on the other hand, has scored the majority of their goals during the first few months of the current season: nine in August, eight in a single game against Mainz at the start of November, and back-to-back four-goal hauls leading into December. The momentum, therefore, appears to be on Bayern’s side.

Lewandowski vs. Werner

Now for what most are waiting for: which club has the best striker? Lewandowski's battle with Werner for the Torjägerkanone this season is just as anticipated as much as their respective club’s battle for the Bundesliga title. Currently, Lewandowski has the lead in terms of goals scored with 22 in just 20 matches. The last person to achieve this was Gerd Müller back in 1972/73.

The battle will also reflect both club’s status in German football - the established giant facing the up-and-coming force with an eye on long-term domination. Lewandowski and his records may never be matched but the same has been said in the past for Müller. Werner, however, has time on his side. He’s scored 83 Bundesliga goals and is looking on course to add to this total.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA