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Jan 24, 2020, 6:24:00 AM

Dani Ceballos’ Denied Request

The player wanted to leave Arsenal so that he could return to Real Madrid since he is on loan at the Premier League club.

Dani Cabellos, who is on loan at Arsenal from Real Madrid, wants to end his contract with the Premier League club. This, however, is complicated in itself. Also, Arsenal has told the player and his parent club that they won’t allow him to leave within the current transfer window. Currently, he isn’t included on any play or plan that Mikel Arteta has drawn up but the club’s board thinks that he could still be a player of value to them. It’s worth mentioning that he also hasn’t played in a match since Arteta took over the reins.

If you’re wondering how the situation and request has a complicated nature, it’s because the decision that Ceballos made was made by him alone. It was, however, Unai Emery that requested his loan to Arsenal with Real Madrid also wanting to let him go seeing as Zidane didn’t have any interest in him either. Ceballos was able to negotiate his contract with Arsenal which he signed. In it, it said that he would leave the club at the end of the season. Real Madrid hasn’t had any say in the matter because they believe that it’s solely between Cabellos and Arsenal. It’s a completely different story with Jesus Vallejo who is set to join Granada. Real Madrid has been heavily involved in this and recommended to the player that he leave the Wolves.

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There is still some time left in the transfer market. However, it looks as though Arsenal has made up their minds on the situation. Real Madrid doesn’t want to get involved and pressure the Arsenal as well since both clubs have a great relationship with one another and they don’t want to affect it. Both clubs are worried for Cabellos but they know that it was his decision (and his alone) to play for a Premier League club, and that it’s on him to prove himself there so he can have the playing time he so badly wants.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA