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Denmark continue their run by beating the Czech Republic 2-1
Jul 5, 2021, 2:46:00 AM

Denmark continue their run by beating the Czech Republic 2-1

Even if people counted them out of the European Championships, Denmark kept their heads up and they’ve now advanced to the final four with a 2-1 win over the Czech Republic. The Danes are now in the semifinals which most people did not expect from them.

During the early stages of the event, Denmark was in their worst state. Their captain was involved in a bad situation which forced him out of the event and possibly a large chunk of his career too. Some teams will fold under the pressure of missing their star captain but Denmark kept going and now they’re in the final four of the European Championships. 

In the last 16, they blew past Wales and now, they’ve done well against a dangerous Czech side that had players like Patrick Schick and Tomáš Souček. At any angle, this is a big win but this means more to Denmark than any other team. The aforementioned captain is one of the main reasons why they’ve played well because they want to honour him.

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A disappointing end for the Czechs

It looked scary in the early stages of the second half for the Danes because Czech star Patrick Schick continued his goal onslaught with another strike that went into the net. Unfortunately for him and his side, that was the only goal the CR would score for the rest of the match. They failed to equalize and they had to settle for a 2-1 loss at the end of the game.

The Czechs will come back strong because they have a relatively young squad. Despite that, some fans have grown frustrated with how the team plays. They did well in this tournament but they have a history of falling back down to earth after a good run. They need to be better and consistent so they can compete against top clubs.

Why this is a big win for Denmark

In the 5th minute, they managed to score a quick goal. In the end, it was a very important game to them since it set the tone. The Danes kept attacking for most of the game and they managed to score a second in the 42nd minute. This was a good result because going up 2-0 is almost an insurmountable lead.

Denmark previously lost to the CR back in 2004 in the same event and the quarterfinal stage. They hope to replicate that this year which will be extra special with what happened to their star captain who has been used as the main motivational factor.

This is another fairytale for Denmark fans because they have a history of doing so. Back in 1992, they won this same event by going on a magical run. They’re now in striking distance of doing it again but their competition will be tough.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA