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Denmark dazzles against Russia on the back of four goals
Jun 22, 2021, 3:56:00 AM

Denmark dazzles against Russia on the back of four goals

In one of the best performances of the European Championships, Denmark dazzled past Russia. The Danes scored four goals while only conceding one. This was an encouraging sight for fans because almost everyone counted Denmark out after Christian Eriksen went down.

Eriksen’s incident against Finland tugged at the heartstrings of every football fan. It looks like it fueled the Danish squad’s fire because they’ve been brilliant ever since their star captain underwent medical attention. 

They lost the first game to Finland because of what happened but they didn’t hold their heads down in shame. They buckled down and performed with passion and support for the fallen captain. 

This was only the first win of the tournament for Denmark but since they scored four goals, they had a superior goal differential out of the three teams that all had three points to their name. The Danes had a positive +1 mark while Finland and Russia had -2 and -5 respectively.

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Mikkel Damsgaard started the match off with a bang by scoring a goal in the 38th minute. They ended the first half with a one-goal cushion which was only the beginning. In the second half, Denmark embarked on a fantastic run with a Yussuf Poulsen goal in the 59th minute. 

Damsgaard talked about how big this win is for him and the squad. He said, ‘It's insane that we are through – this team, all of the players... It's fantastic to be part of this. I'd never dreamed of being part of something so great’.

Russia started their comeback bid in the 70th minute when they forced a penalty kick. Reliable striker Artem Dzyuba buried the penalty from the spot but it turned out to be the only goal they scored in the match. Denmark came back with a strong attack and it was Andreas Christensen who scored the goal. 

It was not yet over for the Danes because Joakim Mæhle scored the fourth and final goal to seal the win for them. After he scored, he flashed a ‘10’ to the camera in tribute to Eriksen. It was an emotional win and it proved that motivation goes a long way because they qualified for the main stage. 

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA