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Mar 25, 2020, 6:55:00 AM

Do Not Jump on the Bandwagon: Strategic Betting

The Premier League is a massive tournament and has many great teams. How do you really ensure that you made the right bet on the EPL? Let’s talk about it.

There are countless strategies when it comes to betting on your favourite sport. Here we will talk about what the optimal strategy is when it comes to betting on the Premier League.

Usually, in betting, people tend to go with the flow and just follow the teams that are winning. There is a betting strategy wherein you would bet on the opposite, the underdogs.

For example in the Premier League, Liverpool is the strongest and heavily-favoured club. What you can do is bet on their opponents with a lesser amount but you can reap higher rewards. This is because the public’s consensus is that Liverpool is a shoo-in to win the match.

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Of course, you should not just bet without proper research. You would need research and proper timing to get it right. An example of this is Liverpool’s match against Watford where they lost 3-0. The Hornets had a track record this season that when they face the bigger clubs such as Liverpool and both Manchester clubs, they tend to perform better than expected.

This was a safe bet to make because Watford has the tendency to upset the favourites. This is why people who bet on Watford that day, reaped massive rewards because of their foresight.

Of course, you need to remember that these are educated predictions. You have to look at the teams’ previous games, how the players have been performing, and how the manager has affected the matches. You also have to monitor the roster situations because sometimes there are transfers that take you by surprise.

It is also smart if you do not go all-in on your bets. Adopting this strategy is a low-risk high-reward situation if you know how to play your cards right. You have to be updated on the league because things can change in a snap.

Keep track of the league table as well because that will be your main basis when you are betting.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA