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Mar 30, 2020, 6:27:00 AM

Doing the Math: Betting on Liverpool’s Chances

If it wasn’t for the global pandemic that engulfed the world in a matter of weeks, Liverpool might have already written history. The runaway champions were just four wins away from claiming the Premier League title when the globe came crashing down and held them back from glory.

Liverpool’s performance this season has been electrifying. They have boasted a 27-1-1 record in 29 season matches in the Premier League. The Reds have held a whopping 25-point lead over Manchester City for the top spot to make their strong claim to the title.

Since the season began, Liverpool has been a big choice for most of the bettors in the Premier League thanks to their early consistency. They have shown consistency and a lot of focus in matches by claiming a string of big wins to stay ahead of the pack for the top spot race.

While its rivals battle through the season, Liverpool flourished under Jurgen Klopp’s strong leadership and kept hammering club after club as they easily racked up a number of wins. They have shown a near resemblance to Arsenal Invincibles back then.

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Only Manchester City was able to deal some serious damage against the Reds. They forced them into a draw - and was the only club in the Premier League to do so. Leicester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United could not even bother to try and lift a finger on the league leaders.

That attracted a lot of bettors to Liverpool’s side. They have managed to improve themselves over the course of the season after that draw to Pep Guardiola’s men and tallied 18 straight victories in the league alone, while sustaining a 44-match winning streak.

However, one unlikely club took all of those achievements away from them.

Watford came out roaring at Vicarage Road and stunned the runaway world champions as they went on to claim a 3-0 win over the Reds. Betting odds were all proven wrong, and a lot of loyal Watford bettors were winning it all for the first time.

Despite that slump, Liverpool is still a worthy bet if only the season pressed on. They could have still laid waste to the rest of the league and claimed their rightful title for the first time in decades.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA