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Dorsch says he learned from Thiago
Jul 22, 2021, 3:13:00 AM

Dorsch says he learned from Thiago

Niklas Dorsch noted that he learned a lot in Bayern Munich, thanks to his time with Thiago Alcantara. Aside from all the trophies he’s seen with the team, the lessons he learned from the star is what the Augsburg midfielder loves the most in his spell in Bavaria.

The former German U21 star hopes to come up with the same energy that Thiago has done in seven years with Bayern. Dorsch has grown well over the years and he has proved his worth as a key star for Bayern. Now that he has an opportunity to bring the same energy to Augsburg, Dorsch is glad to play with the Bayern star.

The pair spent a season as partners from 2017 to 2018. Dorsch succeeded from that experience which led to his rise from Bayern’s reserve team every time that they played the game.

‘In a footballing sense, with regards to the position I play in, Thiago was always a player I looked up to and tried to learn from’, Dorsch said. ‘He's absolutely world class and of course that’s the level you want to attain’.

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Bayern opted to move him to get some free space with their roster loaded with a lot of stars. For Dorsch, this was not so bad for him as he got to set his mark on a new team.

Augsburg is the perfect club for Dorsch. He is set to take on the helm for the no. 6 spot which is a huge task for him especially at a young age. The midfielder even said that it was a huge boost for him to learn a lot from Thiago over the years.

‘When you get to see Thiago up close, then you know what goes into him being how he is. This elegance, the way he plays on the ball’, Dorsch said. ‘Without even looking, he knows what's going on behind him and that's the sort of ability you don't see very often in the world’.

Dorsch has a chance to prove his worth, and Augsburg will love to see what he has learned from Thiago over the years.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA