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Dumfries winner lifts the Netherlands in 3-2 thriller
Jun 14, 2021, 3:29:00 AM

Dumfries winner lifts the Netherlands in 3-2 thriller

Denzel Dumfries went up for a header just five yards away in the first half to miss his early shot. The star saw another look in the 85th minute with the game tied at 2-2. His header went straight and true for the Netherlands to score a 3-2 win over Ukraine.

This huge game for Group C proved there is more to see from the rest of the Euro tourney with more matches coming in. The Netherlands swooped in for a clear win after choking late in the second half, and this just shows how good they are for the rest of the contest.

The Dutch squad took a 1-0 lead with Georginio Wijnaldum’s shot in the 52nd minute. The Liverpool star was there to make a goal and steal away a key shot. Dumfries had a look with a low cross to the right, but the defence was there to block it out, and the ball went into Gini’s feet, who then nailed the shot with no second thoughts.

The next goal came in after Wout Weghorst came strong to knock down a big shot. Dumfries was there for one more shot but got blocked once more. The ball found its way to Weghorst and landed it into the net to push the lead to 2-0.

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It was all Dutch to begin with. The side had 15 shots with seven of those almost at the bottom of the net. They held the ball for 62% and made a total of 661 passes for 89% accuracy. This statline was just too much to handle and they came to play hard from start to finish.

Ukraine had no answer for a short while until they came alive in the 75th minute. The Dutch were taking their time but did not expect to see a comeback from Ukraine. Andriy Yarmolenko played a one-two attack on the right then cut into the infield for a big shot into the top corner at 20 yards. That cut the lead to 2-1.

It was far from over, Ukraine had one more blow to give. Roman Yaremchuk placed his shot just four minutes after their first goal. It gave the side the comeback they needed for the whole game and the game is now tied at 2-2.

So far, Ukraine just looked good on paper. They had seven shots and yet five of those were on point. Despite being held to just 38% with the ball, their total of 413 passes was still at the top level with 81% accuracy.

Dumfries sealed the deal for the Dutch squad as they came up strong to wrap up the intense game. The Netherlands walked away with a huge 3-2 win to start off their run in the competition and they are keen for more games to play.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA