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EPL Fantasy Season - Gameweek 2 Preview
Aug 11, 2022, 9:02:00 AM

EPL Fantasy Season - Gameweek 2 Preview

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Forwards are the way forward?

GW1 is behind us and we turn towards GW2. Talk of the week must be forwards, they were rightfully neglected in the previous season but they are coming back to our teams with the bang. Haaland and Nunez impressed in the first game week and it is understandable a lot of players flocked towards them. I am the first to admit that I have made a mistake with starting on Kane so I am one of the many that made straight swap to Haaland. That is a bit harsh on Kane who is still a perfectly viable option and will probably score a lot of goals in coming matches but Haaland just looks like essential entry to City attack. City has almost perfect run of fixtures, Haaland seems to be on penalties and he looked very comfortable in City squad. He is also arguably the best captain option for coming game week and I couldn’t justify waiting on the transfer so I pulled the trigger at the moment he was subbed out. He has already gone up 0.1 now but I feel he will rise even more after expected haul against Bournemouth.

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Nunez also looked great in first GW and orchestrated Liverpool come back but I did not bring him to my team since I already have all three Liverpool slots filled and there isn’t an easy way to incorporate him in my team. I suspect that is the same with most the managers out there so the best way is to wait and have him on our shortlist for first wildcard.

Mitrović, Martinelli and Zinchenko are all great options and if you like some of them, feel free to pull the trigger. They have proved their worth and they should keep bringing points. I have none of them at the moment but I will probably own all three at some point in the near future.

Now we come to the rest of popular transfers in and I must caution you to stay away from them. Pascal Gross had a nice haul but judging from past seasons this is probably just one week punt and it was against United, team that forgot how to play defense sometime last season. Another one I would skip is Mendy, if you guys want Chelsea defense coverage James and Chilwell are much better option that will often bring you points even when Chelsea concedes goals.

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Kane is the most transferred out player this week and while I understand that he is the easiest way to get to Haaland, I am also sure he will punish us sooner or later. Jesus is the second most transferred out player and this one baffles me a lot. When we selected our team we picked Arsenal players because they are in form and have great fixtures. Crystal Palace was arguably their toughest fixture from attacking point of view and now we are transferring him out? He is still cemented in my squad and I still believe he will be the best point per million striker this season. Similar could be said for Trent, and I can’t believe more than 100K players already sold him out.

There are strong indications that Silva is going from City to Barcelona. Don’t know how they are paying for the players but that is clear sign it is time to sell him if you have him in your team. Werner has already signed for Leipzig so get rid of him asap if you are one of the unfortunates who selected him in the first place.

GW2 captain choices:

That brings us toward the end of this article and captain choices. There are always the same suspects on this list but this week we actually have only two choices. Salah against Palace and Haaland against Bournemoth. Both are playing at home against sides their clubs should defeat without much problems. I feel like both will do well but my choice is Haaland, he looked more dangerous in first GW and City should be able to outscore Liverpool.

Good luck with your transfers and come to my live chat session on Thursday 4PM GMT. We scheduled it a couple of hours earlier so it will hopefully be more convenient for you guys to join. Let me know if you don’t agree with my transfer choices or ask about your favorite transfer solutions which I did not mention. There is only so little space to fill and so much to talk about.

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Words: Trofo