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EPL Fantasy Season Preview Part 1: Best picks from top clubs
Aug 4, 2022, 3:39:00 AM

EPL Fantasy Season Preview Part 1: Best picks from top clubs

Hello I am Club Talk user Trofo and welcome to my Premier League Fantasy column. Some of you may know me from bitcointalk forum since Sportsbet community is going strong there. This will be my 8th Fantasy season so hopefully I know what I am doing!
We have seen some really generous pricing this season, I don't remember it was ever this easy to make the team. This time around it is not a problem to make a team, it is a problem to find place for all the players I want to include. So let's start this series of articles with choice of best assets from top clubs.

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Liverpool: Salah, Trent, Robertson, Diaz

I started with Liverpool since they are hands down the best team to pick fantasy assets. We know they will fight for the title and there will not be rotation shenanigans like in City. I only mentioned 4 players in the title since we have just 3 Liverpool spots. Salah and Trent are absolute PL gods and every single draft I made had them in it. That leaves just one spot and I feel like we can only give it to Robertson or Diaz. They are both nailed, and they will both score heaps of points, it is just a question who better fits your draft. If we had more Liverpool spots, I would also consider Van Dijk, Alisson and Nunez.

City: Haaland, De Bruyne, Foden, Mahrez, Grealish, Cancelo, Laporte, Dias, Walker, Ederson

So you are just goanna say I listed almost whole City squad, well that is what you get when you have a team full of stars and Pep on the bench, you never know who will be that top City player every week. Haaland and De Bruyne will score most points probably, but they are so very expensive. Foden, Mahrez and Grealish feel like optimum way to enter City attack and since Foden has not been with the squad in pre-season my pick will probably be Grealish to start the season. I want to have one City defender in my team, for now I am leaning towards Cancelo/Walker but if City signs another full back I will switch to Dias/Ederson. Laporte has some injury concerns, otherwise he is maybe even best pick from City defense for his tendency to score the odd goal. 

Tottenham: Kane, Son, Kulusevski, Perišić, Spence

Kane and Son are absolute fantasy gods and I feel like you must have one of these in your team. They are expensive and not easy to fit but should be worth every penny. I don't like Kulusevski that much since he will probably lose a lot of minutes to Richarlison. Spurs will play with wing backs this season and Perišić/Spence could be absolute bargains, but they have a lot of contention for their place in the squad and I am not sure about minutes. Will probably have one nailed Spurs full back in the team when it gets clear who that is. 

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Chelsea: Sterling, Mount, James, Chilwell, Mendy

Sterling should be nailed and score a decent number of points but he has a price tag that is difficult to fit in our teams and therefore my preferred Chelsea asset is Mount. We can exchange Mount for any of the other great 8.0 M options at any time without much hassle. James/Chilwell should be best entry to Chelsea defense since they are playing quite attacking football, but Mendy is also good set and forget GK option with price of just 5M. 

Arsenal: Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Zinchenko

I feel like Jesus and Saka would be perfect way to cover good Arsenal fixtures at the beginning of the season but I find it difficult to integrate Saka into my team with all other great 8.0M options. Therefore, I am quite sure I am starting the season with Jesus/Martinelli. Martinelli had a good pre-season and he should be nailed in the beginning which is enough for me in the 6.0M price tag bracket. Zinchenko could end up being one of the best defenders in game since he will probably play left back when Tierney is out and midfielder when Tierney is fit. I am still goanna wait a bit to see how he fits in before pulling the trigger. 

United: Ronaldo, Rashford, Martial, Sancho, defender

I am hoping Ronaldo goes away since that gives us more security for minutes in other much cheaper choices. I feel like Rashford/Martial are the best way into this United side but there is still so many unknowns. If Ronaldo stays nobody is safe for game time. There are still Fernandez and Eriksen to consider as well. There is also a lot of cheap defender options in United but I am waiting to see who will be first choices in full back positions before even considering them for my team. 

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There will be a dedicated chat session open for Fantasy, so hit me up with some reactions. Feel free to criticize my choices and tell me if I missed your favorite option from these top teams. Otherwise, if there is some kind soul out there shill me a 4.5M attacker. I need one as bench warmer and I don't want one that will drop in price in first few weeks. That will inevitably happen for those with high ownerships if they don’t start the season well and I am not expecting any 4.5M attacker to have good season. 

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Words: Trofo