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EPL Fantasy Season Preview Part 2: Bargain players you may have overlooked
Aug 4, 2022, 12:00:00 PM

EPL Fantasy Season Preview Part 2: Bargain players you may have overlooked

EPL Fantasy Season Preview Part 1: Best picks from top clubs

We get exceptional bargains in Fantasy almost every year, just think about lord Lundstram from 2 seasons ago. That usually happens when FPL misjudges positions or cost of the players due to late transfers or some other factors.

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I don’t see many out of positions defenders this time around. Maybe it is worth mentioning Zinchenko who could play in midfield for Arsenal this season when Tierney is match fit but I don’t see his 5M price tag as being way off. Perišić could be another one to watch since he played his whole career as attacking winger and only last season shifted more to wing back position. He will play that attacking wing back in Spurs and he is a player that certainly knows how to score goals. He could make a mockery of 5.5M price if he becomes nailed in Spurs squad.

There were some late transfers that weren’t calculated in players’ prices though and I am looking forward to pounce on those players. Most notable one is Gabriel Jesus who was just one of the players in rotation for City and therefore received at that moment realistic 8M price. However he is now main striker for Arsenal and he had great preseason (7 goals, 1 assist) which makes him legit option even at 10M so this reduced price is something I will definitely take advantage off. He is most owned Fantasy asset for a reason and I believe he could very well have highest GW1 ownership from any player in Fantasy history. 

Rest of the players I will mention here are maybe not that big names but they are very much needed to fill up our squads and free the budget for your favorite premiums. I will start with Bailey from Aston Villa, he is not a new transfer but he was bad last season and got price reduction. This season he played all the friendlies and he seems nailed in first team, his manager is talking very positive about him which can only help. He had good preseason with 3 goals and 1 assist. This should be his breakout season and he could make a mockery of that 5M price tag and we all remember he was a goal machine in Bundesliga.

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Periera from Fulham is cheapest that midfielder can be at just 4.5M. He got that generous price since he was part of United squad where he would never see game play. He will play most minutes for Fulham on very attacking role just behind strikers and he had ok preseason with 2 assists. Maybe not the one to start in your team but great enabler and option to enter from bench if something unexpected happens.

Neco Williams from Forrest is another such option at just 4M since he was part of Liverpool squad when prices were dished out. This means he is now granted game time and he is playing in solid Forrest defense as attacking wing back. Could be another perfect bench option which could get you some points when called upon while not putting any stress on the budget.

Another player worth mentioning is Neto from Wolves, he was great asset a season before last and then we all forgot about him since he had problems with injury and missed most of last season, only reason why he costs 5M. This season he should be nailed in first team and he had godd preseason with 3 goals scored. If you are looking for Wolves coverage, Neto is the one for you. Granted Pondence was also good and has good price but Neto is always my preferred option and looks more dangerous.

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There will be a dedicated chat session open for Fantasy, so hit me up with some reactions. Feel free to criticize my choices and tell me if I missed your favorite option from these top teams. Otherwise, if there is some kind soul out there shill me a 4.5M attacker. I need one as bench warmer and I don't want one that will drop in price in first few weeks. That will inevitably happen for those with high ownerships if they don’t start the season well and I am not expecting any 4.5M attacker to have good season. 

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Words: Trofo