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European Championships Team Profile - France
May 28, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

European Championships Team Profile - France

France is a favourite in the European Championships. They have the experience and the strong lineup to match everyone. With the likes of Kylian Mbappé, Paul Pogba and many more stars, they can compete with any lineup.

France is one of the world’s best football teams because they are so talented. The squad was already historically strong even before the turn of the century when they had the likes of Zizou and Thierry Henry leading the way. Nowadays, they have modern legends already with Mbappé among others. 

When it comes to their system, they are boosted by the presence of Didier Deschamps as their coach. He has taken the team to the next level as it takes a special coach to work with this kind of talent. Everyone bought into Deschamps’ system which proves that he’s a top coach and he deserves the accolades he’s won over the years.

They have a good mix of defence and offence which is the right foundation for a team that wants to win trophies. They are hard-working and they know they can compete with any team they play against.

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France is poised under pressure

People tend to forget the pressure of playing for the national team. They have the hopes of their entire nation on their shoulders which is something that surprised some players when they’re called up. France has a system that ingrains their values on their athletes which is why it’s fun to see that their system has proved with victories.

Mbappé is the perfect example of this as the young forward has grown into one of the best players in the world. He’s not only a strong player but he represents the nation at the highest level. France is filled with players like this and they know how to perform at a high level. Their fans hope this continues starting with this year’s European Championships. 

They have some contenders that will play against them as defending champs Portugal is a strong team. There are also some teams like Belgium and England who can compete against them. It shouldn’t be a surprise that France can lose in this event given that their opponents are insanely good. 

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Can France win this event?

There are many factors you have to consider when talking about France’s lineup. Mbappé is the big star of this team but you have to look at players such as Pogba and Antoine Griezmann who can turn the team’s fortunes around. Hopefully, they can emerge as solid options again en route to another trophy. 

The return of Karim Benzema is a big one for France as he will become one of their main pieces. Olivier Giroud was a good piece for the team but he lacked the goal-scoring punch that France needed in their striker rotation. Mbappé will surely be the star but having someone as reliable as Benzema back in the team is something that Deschamps will be happy to use. 

This event will be a test for France as they’re still seen as the best team in the world. The loss of Aymeric Laporte to Spain will be big but their defence is still strong. It will be interesting to see how France will perform under pressure. The other contenders in the European Championships will be hard to play against but France has an experience edge over the others. 

If someone is looking for favourites in this event, France and Belgium should be at the top with Spain and England serving as the main dark horses.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA