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Feb 18, 2020, 6:31:00 AM

FC Barcelona Back on Top

With Antoine Griezmann’s masterful engineering, the La Liga club is once again on top of the league table.

When the match came to an end, Antoine Griezmann said that often times, it’s good to suffer. The fact that their club suffered was certain but if the suffering was good for them as a whole remains to be seen. Quique Setién’s side had beaten Getafe, extending their lead atop the league table to 10 and joining Real Madrid. However, Lionel Messi’s facial expressions revealed his unrest and dissatisfaction with the results. It was a hard-fought victory from the team and the game almost seemed to slip from their grasp.

Ultimately, Barcelona was able to win the match. Goals from Griezmann and Sergi Roberto were enough to give them the win. Getafe’s Angel Rodriguez’ goal during the final 30 minutes wasn’t enough to save them from defeat. Getafe is in third in the league thanks to their excellent performance this season. Or, from Barcelona’s perspective, was to get the ball to Arturo Vidal to get them to safety. After the match, José Bordalás headed into the tunnel clearly disappointed. He could have also been thinking about a second-half penalty as well as a first-half goal that wasn’t counted.

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Forcing Barcelona to play at their pace, Getafe was able to effectively deny their ability to strike in five minutes or less. With that in place, Getafe’s tactics of chasing their opponents and wearing them down had begun. Jorge Molina was supposedly the first to draw blood in the match had the goal not been ruled out. He was able to attempt a header only to be saved by Marc-André ter Stegen but was calmly put back into the goal by Allan Nyom. As all this was taking place, Samuel Umtiti was lying on the pitch, visibly shaken up. The referee took to the instant replay and saw what caused this: Nyom hit Umtiti in the face with his shoulder. Because of this, the goal was ruled out.

At the 33-minute mark, Griezmann was able to score a goal with help from Messi. It would be the sixth goal that Barcelona had scored wherein Messi assisted. However, there wouldn’t be a seventh as it was Junior Firpo who assisted in a Sergi Roberto goal. Bordalas couldn’t quite believe it. But they didn’t give up. They sent Kenedy and Angel Rodriguez to strike. Barcelona is actually considering whether or not to sign Angel as an emergency replacement for Ousmane Dembélé. But, if they had any doubts about his performance, he showed them why they shouldn’t have any. He scored his 10th goal of the season.

With a minute left in the match, Messi attempted a goal which went wide. It was his 33rd consecutive shot without a goal. Barcelona settled for the outcome - a hard-fought victory, one they were less than satisfied with.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA