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Jun 3, 2020, 6:30:00 AM

Flamengo Decide to Loan Thiago to Nautico

The ongoing pandemic has forced Flamengo’s hand to make some moves so that they will not have problems in negotiations with other clubs.

In December 2019, Flamengo agreed to pay Náutico €3 million for their young striker Thiago. This was a club-record fee for an incoming transfer for the second-division club. Flamengo made this decision because of the uncertainty surrounding soccer tournaments all around Brazil. They will not play anytime soon so as a service to Thiago, they want to secure his payment.

Flamengo wrote, ‘Clube de Regatas do Flamengo inform that the athlete, Thiago Fernandes, will be loaned to Náutico until the end of this year. The player’s contract was extended until the end of 2025. With the unpredictability in relation to the youth schedule, the club understands that it will be good for the development and maturation of the athlete, who will compete in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship’. This is a good move because it says that the team is looking out for their player even if they are loaning him to another team.

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Thiago is a promising striker for Flamengo. He has unfortunately fallen in the depth chart because there are phenomenal players in the lineup. It is not a shot at Thiago because he is a good player but it is understandable why he has not gotten playing time in the team. It’s a good thing that the team is invested in his development, hence his loan. The loan is mainly because the team wants him to develop on his own and let him grow independently.

Flamengo has also assured that they will continue to pay his wage for the rest of the 2020 season. This is not just because of the ongoing pandemic but as a service to his loyalty to the team. It is also a good move because it shows that Flamengo is still very much interested in bringing him back when the loan ends. The team has also admitted that they had some overdue salary, so they want to pay him back properly because they made a mistake in the past.

The club has also assured that Thiago will still receive some benefits that they will provide. They wrote, ‘The club will provide all assistance in the area of ​​health and high performance and will provide professionals to provide necessary support on a daily basis, assist his evolution, and monitor the games’.

Hopefully, it will be safe to resume play soon. So that Flamengo can play their defence season without a hitch. In the case of Thiago, it will be better to resume the season as soon as possible so that he can prove why Flamengo has invested in him and his future.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA