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Feb 26, 2020, 6:04:00 AM

Flamengo Players Updates: Former and Current

Lucas Silva is being offered to Fortaleza, Pablo Mari still hasn’t played for Arsenal, and former player Adriano is alive despite rumours saying otherwise.

Sometimes, having too many options on offence can be a bad thing. Yes, all of them can provide the necessary goals that the team needs but only a few can work cohesively as a unit. Such is the case with Lucas Silva who Flamengo is planning to give away to Fortaleza so that his skills can be used elsewhere. They have been stacked with the arrivals of Pedro, Michael, and Pedro Rocha, hence the decision. According to a Brazilian news site, the player was offered back in January when Fortaleza agreed to purchase 20-year-old attacker Luiz Henrique after the Taça Guanabara.

Despite the fee still being unknown to this point, it’s reported that Flamengo was able to keep 40 percent of the player’s economic rights. They are also looking to make a similar deal with Fortaleza with Lucas Silva. For the meantime, Silva will remain with Brazilian football club Flamengo as they continue to search for other possible interested clubs. Portuguese club Gil Vicente was interested in purchasing the player last month but discussions have reached a dead end not long after. The player made his professional debut with Flamengo in 2018 and has since played in 22 matches for the club. He also played in four matches in this year’s Carioca Championship.

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In other news, Premier League club Arsenal beat Everton 3-2. However, the team did not employ loanee Pablo Mari and Gabriel Martinelli. Despite this, the two players supported their club from the sidelines. Fans, on the other hand, expected Martinelli to be included in the starting lineup considering the match’s significance. However, he was left out of the squad for the entire game, with Mikel Arteta opting to go with Eddie Nketiah instead. Mari, who is on loan from Flamengo, is yet to make his appearance with fans expecting to see him in action very soon.

The duo displayed great sportsmanship during the game, cheering for their team from the stands of Emirates Stadium. A photo of the two was posted on social media with the caption ‘Tamo junto meu irmao’ or ‘We are together my brother’.

Meanwhile, Brazilian legend Adriano addressed the news and rumours that he has died after he returned to his old hometown - a dangerous Rio de Janeiro favela. He’s not much of a player that everyone remembers, but for those who played Pro Evolution Soccer 6, he’s literally a cheat-code within the game. Now at 38 years old, he stopped playing football back in 2014. He played for clubs such as Flamengo, Inter Milan, and Roma. However, in the past few weeks, he’s since gone quiet, with rumours spreading that he had died. The player then took to social media to prove that he is very well and very much alive. ‘Yes, yes, I’m alive’, he said.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA