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Feb 18, 2020, 6:55:00 AM

Flamengo Wins Revived Brazilian Supercup

In the first Brazilian Supercup since 1991, Flamengo came out with a victory.

The Supercopa do Brasil or Brazilian Supercup is a tournament where the Copa do Brasil champions and the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A champions face each other. Athletico Paranaense and Flamengo faced off at the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha. Flamengo came out on top, handily winning the match 3 to 0, securing their first Supercup victory in 29 years.

Although Flamengo had dominated the Brasileiro Série A this past season, Athletico were the ones that knocked them out of the domestic competition last summer. Even to the point that Flamengo manager, Jorge Jesus has considered them their toughest opponent.

Star duo, Bruno Henrique and Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa each scored a goal to put Flamengo in the lead 2-0 at halftime before Giorgian De Arrascaeta finished off the game with a third goal in the second half.

This victory has continued the phenomenal run that Flamengo has had in the past year. They won the Serie A and Copa Libertadores titles and are on the way to a final in the Guanabara Cup where they will face Boavista.

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Jorge Jesus was in positive spirits after the match, ‘They had two chances and so we were just the winners. The nation has to be proud of this team. We still have a lot to win and achieve’. He also praised his players for their excellent play during the match, ‘I have never worked with players who were so passionate, dedicated and professional and who believed so much in the coach who works with them’.

Recent comments have put Jesus under the spotlight, he has received criticism and has been called arrogant. ‘It’s another title this team has won and therefore I will say again that Flamengo in terms of goals is on another level. Flamengo’s goals are different. But it is still a team like all the others in Brazil. We respect all the teams a lot. We are the same level, but fortunately, in terms of objectives, we are at another level’.

The impact that Jesus has made on the club in the past year has been excellent, to say the least. The club is not looking to stop anytime soon, they just secured their future by signing Barbosa to a long-term deal and stars like Henrique and De Arrascaeta are set to stay in the team.

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Flamengo’s manager had more to say about Brazilian soccer, ‘We in Brazil have to look at football in a more positive way, and not with inferiority in relation to Europe. In European football, there are good teams, but there are also good teams in Brazil, and Flamengo is one of them’.

He insists that Brazilian clubs should not see themselves as inferior to European clubs like Barcelona, Madrid and Juventus. They should see themselves to be on the level of those clubs or even above them.

Jesus further elaborated, ‘What I try to pass on to our players are my ideas. Are they different? Yes, but they are not different only in Brazil, they are different in Europe. We know that we will not be able to win every game, we don’t prepare to never lose, but to improve on the days we do lose’.

Next up for Flamengo is their trip to Ecuador to play in the first leg of the Recopa Sudamericana or the South American Super Cup against Independiente Del Valle on the 19th of February.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA