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May 20, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Former Hornet Marvin Sordell Says Players Can Refuse to Play

Marvin Sordell retired from the sport at just 29 years old after struggling with mental health issues. He has said that everyone has the right to decide when to start playing in this current environment.

The global climate has been rocked by the ongoing pandemic. This has led to sports leagues all around the world being suspended. Sordell has said that players should be the ones to decide when they want to play because everyone has different situations.

He said, ‘Some people will be living on their own and they won't have any responsibilities in that sense or those fears that they may pass the virus onto somebody else if they contracted it themselves’.

He has also said that it is fine to be eager to play because some players do not have to worry about certain things. But there are people who have families that they have to take care of.

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Multiple Premier League clubs have said that they are remaining committed to resuming the season. Sordell has said that the players should be consulted because they need to be prioritized. He said, ‘You have to respect people's opinions in this. Many will say they earn a lot of money so they should just go and play. This virus at times is a matter of life and death and any game of football - regardless of the famous saying - football isn't more than life or death’.

If Sordell was still playing professionally, he feels that he would be extremely uncomfortable playing in these current circumstances. This is because he and his family are susceptible to the pandemic.

He said, ‘My daughter has an underlying condition, I have asthma, albeit mild, my son also has an underlying health condition. So for me, I wouldn't want to risk potentially bringing something back for the want to go and play football and entertain others. Of course, I want to go and do my job and I love playing football, but some things are bigger than that’.

He has suggested that players should be allowed to just be away from the game. It is a sensible thing to do during this situation.

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There have been reports that said the league is planning to hold at neutral venues. This is a good idea but some people have their reservations about the proposed solution.

Sordell has said that many teams may feel uncomfortable in the new circumstances. He said that teams like Manchester United at home are very different to play against. The fans are also a part of the opposition because they put immense pressure on the players which can lead to teams easily tiring out.

It totally changes the atmosphere on the pitch when compared to relatively smaller places like Bournemouth who have a smaller fanbase and stadium. The two situations are totally different. Even with the possibility of no fans in attendance, players may feel uncomfortable with the proposed neutral venues.

People have said that a return to sports is needed because it is a sign of normalcy during this tough time. This will be a hard task to reach because there are many factors that people have to take into consideration. In some sense it is possible but the league needs to consult the players because their opinion matters.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA