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Former Reds Player Believes Liverpool is Winning
Jan 10, 2020, 7:05:00 AM

Former Reds Player Believes Liverpool is Winning

The Anfield legend came up with a strong statement that the Reds are close to come up with a win in the Premier League as the season is set to finish this year. Liverpool is currently leading in the table after racking up 58 points in 20 matches.

Liverpool has won 19 out of its 20 games this season - the other one ended in a draw against Manchester United on the road. Liverpool has remained unbeaten and is set to break records by the end of the season should the team continue their level of play.

Steven Gerrard was one of the best players in the history of the Reds. The team, however, has not won the Premier League title for so long - a 30-year drought that saw them very hungry and fierce in the field.

Liverpool edged Aston Villa back in the 1989-90 season to claim the league title. The team racked up 79 points to edge Aston Villa, who had 70. That was the team’s 18th league title and fifth major trophy under Kenny Dalglish.

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Gerrard led the team in the last decade. He was unable to push the team to claim a league title, and the closest he ever came to win the title was back in the 2013-14 season. He had this infamous slip that would then change the team’s pace for the season.

‘I think about it most days, a Liverpool team winning the league would help how I feel for sure’, said Gerrard. ‘When I analyse it properly, I obviously understand it wasn’t just that moment (that cost Liverpool the title), but still, part of me in my head thinks it is’.

True enough, many fans and analysts believe that his slip against Chelsea back in 2014 was a table-turner that affected the team’s chances in the Premier League title race. After that 2-0 loss, the team went on to finish with a draw with Crystal Palace, and Manchester City won the trophy on the final day.

‘People say to me to make me feel better: “It was over 28 games”, but I still know behind what you're saying to me that moment was so big’, the Rangers boss explained. ‘That was a tough moment, even tougher than what people probably think it was. The only time in a 20-year career I’ve been numb, like my body's felt numb’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA