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Forsberg sinks winner to help Sweden beat Slovakia
Jun 21, 2021, 1:59:00 AM

Forsberg sinks winner to help Sweden beat Slovakia

Emil Forsberg pulls off a big shot to lift Sweden in their key game over Slovakia, 1-0. The team then took over the top spot of Group E after this win and are keen to close out the rest of their Group Stages run with a bang.

Sweden’s foul shot in the 77th minute gave them a chance to take over and own the rest of the game. It was one of the biggest games for Forsberg, who hadn’t seen much action in their first game. This shot was as clutch as it could ever get for the team.

With 13 minutes left to play, Forsberg came in to save the day for the Swedes and turned the game in their favour. The kick stopped a run of 365 minutes with no goals for Sweden in the Euro tourney. It was a streak that began in their first game back in the 2016 contest.

Slovakia could have made it to the next stage with a win on this one, but the Swedes were in the way of victory. Now the team is up by a point for the rest of the Group. This means a lot for their run this year, which seemed to be full of hope to begin with.

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Game flow

The first half was a little bit dull for both sides. There was no lack of grit as both teams found a way to press the charge, but none could land a goal for the rest of that frame. The next one was full of action for both of them as the defence sparked well to keep the start with no goals.

Sweden had a total of 13 shots for the whole game, and four of those were so close to the back end of the net. The team also had 41% of the ball for the rest of the game and they also made 431 passes for 83% accuracy.

The goal from Forsberg came in the best time it could. The poor first half then turned into a huge spark in the next one going to the last bit of the game. Slovakia could not come up with a goal of their own and was held to a no-goal game.

Slovakia had 10 shots in the game but none of those was on point. The team had the most of the ball with 59% and 609 passes for 88% accuracy, but they went to waste as they missed all of it.

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Isak’s big plays

Alexander Isak put up a show for Sweden in this win. He was a huge spark for the team and was the light in the squad’s dark game. The young striker did not score a goal for the Swedes but he sure made his game felt.

Isak set Robin Quaison in the 75th minute only to be taken down by the defence as Forsberg then found the sweet shot from the penalty to win it for Sweden.

Isak has done well for the squad since day one. He might just be the key to their wins in the long run.

Slovakia still has a shot to make it to the next round with a win in Spain to close out the Group Stages. This loss also closed their run of seven wins in a row. Sweden, on the other hand, needs to keep the same pace en route to their final game as well.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA