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Feb 14, 2020, 6:47:00 AM

Gabigol Comments on His Deal with Flamengo

Gabigol’s decision to sign with Flamengo was a complete win for the team. The Copa Libertadores hero’s choice to return to the Rubro-Negro was one of the biggest moves that the team had in the offseason.

The team was in for a tough season after losing Reinier Jesus to a deal with Real Madrid, but then Gabigol made a big call and is set to stay until 2024. Flamengo will have to wait for the season as they are looking forward to another magical run with Gabriel Barbosa back in the squad once more.

He signed a five-year contract with the Brazilian giants after being on loan back in 2019. Flamengo and Inter Milan have agreed on an $18 million transfer fee for the striker. Gabigol opened up in an emotional way after finalizing the deal.

‘I missed wearing this shirt. It’'s a moment of happiness, everyone knows that Flamengo is my home’, Barbosa said during his official unveiling last January. ‘I'm very happy to be here because I know I followed my heart’.

Despite having a lot of offers from other clubs in the bigger leagues, the Serie A’s leading scorer last season has turned down all of those and has opted to sign with Flamengo instead.

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Gabigol was swayed by the team’s quest for more titles in the upcoming seasons. The team has won the Serie A title and the Copa Libertadores in the previous season, and they are aiming to avenge their tough loss to Liverpool in the FIFA Club World Cup.

‘For a player to feel fulfilled, he doesn’t need to play in Europe and leave his country’, Barbosa said. ‘We have a good league. Flamengo plays at a very high level and has a coach (Jorge Jesus) who is one of the best in the world. I have a five-year contract with Flamengo, and I intend to respect it and stay here much longer’.

On Instagram, Gabigol was more vocal as he posted a video right after his decision was announced.

‘The (Flamengo) nation embraced me. We live in an intense way here. We're passionate! We smile! We suffer! We vibrate! We break barriers. If it's for the good of the Nation, I'm staying’, Barbosa said in his Instagram video last January.

Gabigol might be a big factor to help convince Jesus to stay with the team after May. There are a lot of offers that have meddled with Jesus’ choice to continue coaching the team.

‘I choose things according to what my heart indicates. I don’t know if I’ll stay at Flamengo after May. Until May I will continue, this I am almost absolutely sure, only if a Real Madrid appears, then we can do nothing’.

Flamengo will surely want to work on Jesus’ contract before the season begins. Gabigol will need the best teacher that he had if he is to continue to grow and improve in his career.

His impressive performances in the Carioca Serie A while playing alongside Bruno Henrique is a sight to behold for the defending champions. It only means that they still have the talent needed to keep battling for the Brazil Serie A title once more.

A lot of players left the team, but that does not mean that their goals for the season will change.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA