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Nov 14, 2019, 5:16:00 PM

Gabriel Jesus to put friendships aside in Brazil Argentina clash

Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus is relishing facing team-mate Nicolás Otamendi as Brazil take on Argentina tomorrow evening.

The City pair prepare to do battle as international foes due to the bitter rivalry between their two countries, and the young striker has pledged not to hold back during the clash.

Jesus said: “It is always good to play a match of this magnitude - Brazil and Argentina is the greatest soccer classic.

“I always play very hard, with star players on the other side too. Hopefully it is a good show and hopefully we will be victorious.

“I talked to Otamendi, I was joking with him - I said if he bumped me I would give it back! When we are together in the club, we all swim in the same direction.

“Now I defend my country, and they their own country. Let them do their best, but there is rivalry,” he added.

Words: Jake Evans

Images: PA