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Mar 26, 2020, 6:46:00 AM

Galatasaray's Fatih Terim Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

Super Lig champions Galatasaray has another obstacle to overcome. Their manager Fatih Terim has tested positive for the virus that has taken over the world.

This news comes after Super Lig officials deciding to finally suspend league play. Before the suspension, they were the only league that continued play after the sports world was rocked by the virus. They drew criticism from many parties including players from teams within the league.

This included Trabzonspor’s John Obi Mikel who had a highly-covered issue with his club terminating his contract due to him deciding to sit out their latest match against Basaksehir.

The Super Lig has had a spectacular season so far. Four teams are battling for the top spot in the league table. Trabzonspor and Basaksehir are currently tied at the top of the table, while Galatasaray and Sivasspor are very close behind.

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Terim announced on Twitter his positive diagnosis. Fortunately, he is okay and is in self-isolation. He wrote, ‘According to the test results made today, my result was positive. I'm in good hands at the hospital. Do not worry. About to communicate as soon as possible’. Along with Terim, Galatasaray vice-president Abdurrahim Albayrak also tested positive for the virus.

Terim is a high-profile manager previously managing clubs like Italy’s Fiorentino and AC Milan. He is well-known for his multiple coaching stints with Galatasaray. He has also coached the Turkish national team.

Terim was also a well-known defender in his playing days. His perspective as a defender has definitely helped his coaching style. Galatasaray has become well-known for having a system that focuses on tough defence so that they can easily transition to scoring goals. His squads are always scrappy and very competitive.

People are concerned about Terim because he is at an advanced age. Terim is currently 66 years old. Many medical professionals have said that the situation is dangerous especially to people who are at an older age. That is why it is good that Terim is being regularly observed by medical professionals and is supported by a club like Galatasaray.

The soccer world has been heavily affected by the situation. They are arguably the sport that been hit the most. This is probably because soccer is a very physical sport where players are bumping into each other every other second. Medical professionals have asserted that people should be more responsible when dealing with other people.

Now that the Super Lig season has been suspended, many players are taking advantage of the unexpected break. Some are focusing on rehabilitation from their respective injuries. They have also kept up with their exercises at home because the league can be continued as soon as the circumstances improve.

Hopefully, the situation will improve in the coming days or weeks so that we can have sports to enjoy once again.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA