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Goalfinders: A smart guide to betting on the J1 League
Jul 19, 2022, 1:27:00 AM

Goalfinders: A smart guide to betting on the J1 League

What is the J1 League? It is Japan’s football league and it’s one of the best in the world. A lot of punters are eager to take their chances on betting on this league as it offers rewarding wins. Learn how you can bet on these games and win your wagers.

The Japan J1 League is considered to be at the same level with the likes of the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 among others. This is why the number of bettors of this competition is growing. If you’re one of the newbies to join the hype, here’s a helpful guide that will give you the best J League betting tips to get the best wins.

How does the J League work?

The J1 League shares the same competition system with the other top-tier different leagues. In a single season, teams play in a double round-robin format with games played both at home and on the road. There are a total of 34 J League matches to play for each club, held once or twice in a single week depending on the Japanese calendar.

How to determine club rankings 

Clubs receive three points for a win and are given a point for a tie for both teams and zero for a loss. Club standings are then resolved through every matchday with points tallied ranking the teams from top to bottom.

The clubs are ranked by points along with tiebreakers. The current J1 League format also considers the goal differential, goals scored, head-to-head results and disciplinary points as factors in setting the rankings every week. The top three of the J1 standings will qualify for the AFC Champions League in the following year while the bottom two teams will be sent to J2.

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Prize money

What makes the Japan soccer league stand out is the huge prize money for the best performing teams of the season. As of the time of writing, the champions are slated to receive ¥300,000,000, while the second and third place get ¥120,000,000 and ¥60,000,000, respectively.

The top four clubs are given additional funding from the J1 League. The champions receive the lion’s share of the funds with ¥1,550,000,000 while the second place gets ¥700,000,000. The third placer is set to receive ¥350,000,000 and ¥180,000,000 for the fourth-placed club.

Roster rules

Just like any other league, there are also J1 League roster rules that all clubs must follow. Compared to European competitions where there is no limit to the amount of international talent that can be added to the team, the J1 league only allows four foreign players to be added to the roster of each team.

By 2019, the J1 League expanded the rule by allowing their clubs to recruit as many foreign players as they want but is only limited to five in each matchday squad. In addition, the J1 League has considered a few countries as partner nations, meaning that players from these places don’t count as foreigners:

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Myanmar

  • Cambodia

  • Singapore

  • Indonesia

  • Iran

When does J1 League start

As most J1 League betting tips say, it is best to begin betting on J1 games right from the start of the season. The league action kicks off in the third week of February all the way to the first week of November. The season formats have changed over the years as the league usually reinstates either single-season or split-season format.

The J League season plays a total of 306 games. This gives punters a lot of chances to make the best bets in each of these games. This is why the J1 League is considered a top pick that a lot of punters would love to enjoy as well.

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Is the J1 League popular in Japan?

The J1 League is considered the equivalent of the other top-flight leagues in the world. This means that there is a lot of attention given to these games. The intense competition has brought a lot of thrill to fans, and the consistent teams that top the Japan J League standings are proof of the high level of play in the association.

For starters, the 2021 season of the Japan soccer league amassed a total attendance of 2,531,007 fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The match that had the highest attendance was the 1-1 affair between the Yokohama F. Marinos and the Kawasaki Frontale on December 4, 2021 with 30,657 fans.

How many teams are in the J1 League?

The J1 League is home to a total of 18 teams as of the 2022 season. Four teams were relegated in the previous season due to impacts of the pandemic and to make up for the no relegation decision made in the 2020 season. 

Here are the competing teams in the 2022 J1 League that you should know:

Kashima Antlers

The Kashima Antlers is considered the most successful one among Japanese football league teams. They have won the J League title eight times, the J.League Cup six times and have also clinched the Emperor’s Cup five times. They hold the most number of domestic trophies at 19 titles. The Antlers are also one of the only two clubs who have never been relegated ever since.

Yokohama F. Marinos

The Marinos are seen as one of the leading clubs in the J1 League. The club was formed as a merger between the Yokohama Marinos and the Yokohama Flügels in 1999 and has delivered success in the league over the years. The team has won the league title four times and the Emperor’s Cup twice. They have also played at the top level since 1982 and have never been relegated.

Kawasaki Frontale

The Kawasaki Frontale are the defending champions of the 2021 J1 League season. The team was formerly known as the Fujitsu SC before changing its name in 1997. The Frontale has won a total of four league titles including one of both the Emperor’s Cup and the J.League Cup. They also won the Japanese Super Cup twice in 2019 and 2021.

Jubilo Iwata

Jubilo Iwata is seen as one of the oldest teams in the J1 League. They have spent a total of 33 years in the top-flight and are back in the mix once more after winning the J2 title. The team had its golden era from 1997 to 2003 where they finished six of their seven seasons inside the top 2 and won three league titles in that span.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Residing in the Hiroshima Big Arch and Hiroshima Prefectural Stadium, the Sanfrecce Hiroshima has been one of the most formidable teams in the J1 League. They have won three league titles, including back to back wins from 2012 to 2013 and another title in 2015, where two of their players finished in the J1 League top scorers rankings.

Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka is one of the most accomplished clubs in the J1 League and is known for winning a lot of titles. They have won a total of 14 domestic titles while winning the AFC Champions League and the Pan-Pacific Championship in 2008.

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Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo

Hokkaido stands as one of the teams in the J1 League who are known for their longevity in the top flight. The team is yet to win the league title but has been making a lot of improvements over the years. Following their change of name, the Consadole has proved to be a formidable force despite finishing with the 10th spot in the 2021 season.

Urawa Red Diamonds

The Urawa Red Diamonds are one of the few teams who have won the league title at least once. Their triumph came in the 2006 season where they ended up with the best record finish of the franchise. The Red Diamonds came up as runners-up in the 2004, 2005, 2007, 2014 and 2016 seasons.

Kashiwa Reysol

The Kashiwa Reysol are known for being one of the oldest teams in the J1 League and in Japan as a whole. The club was founded in 1940 during the Second World War and has been praised for its various successes. They were hailed as Japanese League champions twice in 1972 and 2011, won three League Cups in 1976, 1999, and 2013, and three Emperor's Cups in 1972, 1975, and 2012.

FC Tokyo

FC Tokyo is one of four teams in the league that are called Football Club without an extended name. Despite never finishing with a title during their long stay in the top flight, Tokyo did come close to winning in 2019 before they lost in the final matchday and is yet to bounce back ever since.

Shonan Bellmare

In 54 years of football action, the Bellmare have enjoyed both highs and lows throughout history. From 1994 to 1997, the club enjoyed brief success in J1 before falling to the J2 in 2000. It was in 2010 where they managed to pull off a comeback to the top flight and have been a mainstay in the league ever since.

Shimizu S-Pulse

The S-Pulse is one of the original ten founding members of the J1 League. The team is known for having a young core and has kept its chase for the league title up to this moment. They did come close to winning the league title in 1999 but played poorly ever since.

Nagoya Grampus

After being promoted in 2017, the Nagoya Grampus has stayed consistent in its grind for a league title. The club enjoyed its success during the leadership of Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger in 1995-96 when they won the Emperor’s Cup and finished second in the J1 League in 1996.

Kyoto Sanga

The Sanga has been one of the oldest clubs to compete in the J1 League. The team was founded in 1922, which is roughly 100 years ago. Their success in the J2 League in 2021 earned them a promotion back into the top-flight after a 10-year drought since 2011.

Cerezo Osaka

The rival club of Gamba Osaka, Cerezo had its big swings in the 2017 season where they finished third for the first time since 2010. They did win the J League Cup and the Emperor’s Cup and have yet to come up with a league title ever since.

Vissel Kobe

Thriving in the J1 League since 2014, Vissel Kobe is one of the consistent teams that have set the bar for competitive plays in the competition. The squad finished with the third spot in the 2021 season and is hoping to break their title drought anytime soon.

Avispa Fukuoka

Avispa Fukuoka enjoyed a huge run in the 2021 season and has been in the J1 League for the fifth time following a promotion. They finished with the eighth spot in the last run and it was the best J1 finish for the team since being a part of the competition.

Sagan Tosu

The Sagan Tosu is one of the hopefuls in the 2022 season after finishing with the seventh seed in the 2021 run. Founded in 1997, the club is yet to come up with a trophy in either of the J1 League, J League Cup, and the Emperor’s Cup.

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When it comes to betting, the J1 League is a rewarding competition for a lot of punters to wager on since it is the top league in Asia. Those who want to bet on the J1 League can try the games that a single season has to offer. It is a favourite among many punters simply because it brings a thrilling experience and exciting games.

Betting markets to try

If you are keen to bet on the J1 League, the best way to improve your winning chances is to know which of the betting markets can be a good help for you when it comes to every single game. These markets work in different ways, so you should know the best ones to try.

Winner bets

A lot of J1 League betting tips will point you towards the winner bets simply because it is the best market that can give you a lot of winnings if you make the right guess. This market is simple since all you have to do is to bet on any team that you think has a chance of winning the game.

For example, if you think that Frontale has a chance to close out their game against the Antlers, then you should place your wagers on them. Regardless of the score, your bet wins if Frontale comes out on top.


1x2 bet is common in football and it allows you to wager on two of three possible outcomes in the game, which is either win, draw or lose. What’s good about this betting market is that it gives you two chances at winning with just one wager.

You can either bet on the Marinos to win or lose a given game and place a wager on their opponent to win as well. However, if you think that there is a chance for the game to go down the wire, then you have the option to pick a win and draw as your wager.


Handicap bets are used to level the betting odds between two unequally matched teams. These can be clubs that are in the top five against those in the top 10 and below. It can also be a match between two contenders depending on the game.

For example, the third seed Kawasaki Frontale will play a game against the 15th seed Gamba Osaka. Gamba will be given a headstart in points to begin the game and has to win it more than the set handicap. On the other hand, Frontale has to finish with a win less than their set point.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score is simple but can be tricky for a lot of punters who depend on the J League betting odds. Tight games can end up in a close score between two teams, which means they may have difficulty predicting the outcome. 

For example, a game between a 7th placed club against the 18th placer will likely end up lopsided, making it easy for you to predict the score. On the other hand, a match between the top two teams of the league will be harder to predict since both are competitively aiming for a win with a lot of scoring focus.


Using over/under in betting on J1 League games is a huge win for all punters. You need to come up with a bet on whether the score of the two teams combined will reach a certain mark and go over or under. This is easy since football is not much of a high-scoring game compared to other sports.

If you are betting on a game between the top two, the Marinos and the Antlers, then there is a chance that it can end up as a high-scoring affair, thus having a bigger combined result. You have to pick a number and bet if the score combined of the two teams will end up either over the limit or under. You get half the bet if the bet ties the actual total score.

Where can I bet on J1 League

If you are looking to bet on J1 League matches, then is the best bookmaker soccer you can try for a lot of fair and competitive odds. The site has a lot of great options to bet on, and the various betting markets can give you a much better chance of winning bigger prizes.

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J League betting is a rewarding competition that you can always try. There are a lot of games to bet on, and the season goes for almost a whole year, which means you would never run out of options and chances to rack up the biggest wins possible.

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