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Feb 20, 2020, 6:51:00 AM

Golden Trophy a Possibility for Liverpool

If the Premier League club is able to match Arsenal’s Invincibles records, they will receive a golden trophy.

Liverpool could potentially be given a golden Premier League trophy but only if they are able to match Arsenal’s Invincibles and remain unbeaten until the end of the season. So far, they’ve won 25 of their 26 matches. If they achieve this feat, they will become the second team to be awarded a golden trophy.

The first team to achieve this was Arsenal back in 2003/04. However, there’s a rumour going around that if Jurgen Klopp’s side does go on to win or draw every single match for the remainder of the season, they will get a special golden edition of the trophy. Arsenal’s Invincibles had their record engraved on the base of the trophy. It was 26 wins and 12 draws. To ease anticipation for the said trophy, the Premier League will soon announce its decision on whether or not the club will receive a gold trophy. But with the amount of hype that’s being created, it’s believed that the request will be granted.

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Theoretically, Liverpool could win the title as early as March 7 if they win every Premier League match from here until then. However, there is one more additional condition: Manchester City and Leicester will have to lose every single game. Regardless, the club only needs five wins from their remaining 12 matches to win their first title sine 1990. If they are successful in doing so, they will be crowned Premier League champions on March 21 in their match against Crystal Palace.

Liverpool looks set to win the Premier League. However, they could be unsuccessful in attaining their unbeaten streak if their priority shifts to defending their title. In their last Champions League last-16 match against Atletico Madrid, they lost 1-0. Saul Niguez’s goal proved to be the final obstacle that Liverpool wasn’t able to clear. After the match, Klopp was frustrated at how Atletico played the match and warned them about retaliation in their next match at Anfield.

‘Atletico fans who can a get ticket... “welcome to Anfield”’, said Klopp. ‘It's half-time and we're 1-0 down. The second half will be played in our stadium and they will feel it’.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA