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Griezmann comes up big to save France in Hungary draw
Jun 21, 2021, 2:16:00 AM

Griezmann comes up big to save France in Hungary draw

Antoine Griezmann stepped up his game to make sure France stays at the top of Group F after a poor start in the contest. Now the team has a chance to fight their way into the next stage with no worries because they have four points at the top.

France made sure they will have a big chance to move into the next stage of the Euro tourney as they clawed their way into a 1-1 draw with Hungary. The French team was on fire from start to finish, and they did a great job to keep their hopes alive in the game as well.

With the Group Stages all but done, it looks like there is a big change for France in their next game after this draw. Coach Didier Deschamps was not in a good mood to wrap up this game and he surely has a lot of work to do to make sure France comes out on top of Group F.

To finish the Group Stages at the top of Group F is a huge win for France. To get past both Portugal and Germany is all they need to step up to the next stage too.

Griezmann made his 50th start in the contest for France and was pleased to come up with a huge win on the road in the best way he could.

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‘We've been used to a full house and so it was hard with the crowd. They held us with their defensive block and we didn't know how to finish’, he said. ‘It proves how tough the games are, with great teams and great players’.

France had 15 shots and four of those were close to the back end of the net. The team also had 67% of the ball and made 650 passes for 90% accuracy. It was a great game for France all-around, but the scoring has to be better for the team.

French stars had a lot of missed shots that could have given France an edge in the game but could not make it well in time to win. 

Hungary did all they could to stall France. So far, it had paid off well and they had a huge chance to make sure France doesn’t walk out with all three points. The team came out with a lot of grit and even with an error in the next half, they were still strong for the whole game.

The team is now set to come up with a final push in the Group Stages. Only strong hope can save them from a loss - if all three other teams lose their games. This is a big shot for Hungary’s run in the contest.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA