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Gunter says Wales' run was unfair
Jun 30, 2021, 4:04:00 AM

Gunter says Wales' run was unfair

Wales defender Chris Gunter was disappointed about the way they were knocked out of the Euro tourney. He said that the team was at an edge and were always tired due to long travels which was a huge factor in their tough games for most of the tourney’s early matches.

Gunter did not take it lightly when Wales was ousted in the contest. He and his side were forced to traverse the whole continent for their games but their fans were not able to do so for some of those matches. 

Fans have been a huge part of the contest. While it is no longer the same full attendance, having a bulk of people cheering for their teams is worth it and could be a big boost in games.

The lack of support from their fans on road games took a toll on Wales and they looked like they were playing in practice. Gunter was displeased with that end and took a shot at the organisers as well.

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‘So the journey of this month has come to an end. We did not deserve that score line but who said life was fair’, Gunter said. ‘It hurts like mad, but to be hurting with some of my best mates and best much as I've shared a changing room with for years on years makes it a little easier. And to share it with a nation who all feel the same makes it even easier’.

Wales could not make their way past Denmark. They did not back down from the fight but did not put up any goals in their clean sheet loss. It seems this will sting the rest of the team for the next few months.

As Gunter said, every nation had their own way going as there was no hassle in their travels. Wales - being an island nation - was put with a tougher travel time in their games. The same can be said for England as well.

Gunter still believes that the future is bright for Wales, and there is more to expect from the team as they aim to claw their way back in their games soon.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA