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Haaland Aims to End Bayern’s Dominance
Aug 12, 2020, 6:28:00 AM

Haaland Aims to End Bayern’s Dominance

If there is one thing that would be bugging Borussia Dortmund’s young star, it would be Bayern Munich’s dominance in the Bundesliga. Erling Haaland is clearly more focused on bringing down the defending champions after falling short against them in the season’s tough finish.

Talking about winning the title is not enough. Action must be taken so that many people can see what is really going on. That is Haaland’s resolve to bring down Bayern in the upcoming season. He hopes that he will get a lot of chances to win at his own pace while helping the club get to the top of the league.

Haaland proved himself worthy as the club’s lead scorer since making his debut in the second half of the Bundesliga season. He was more than just a young rookie who’s supposed to be learning to find his ways in the league. He was a prolific scorer and a critical attacking striker for Dortmund.

Despite launching himself from the team’s pad in the second half of the season, he went on to score 13 goals in just 15 matches. That was good enough to earn him a spot in the league’s top scorers for the season.

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Now, the 20-year-old is far over from making his presence felt. Today’s job for him is more on finding a way to help his team put up a fight against Bayern Munich. They only battled the club once with Haaland on the squad, and it ended up with the Norwegian striker being scoreless in the game.

‘Sometimes people say to me that I'm not normal. Maybe they're right’, Haaland said in an interview. ‘We have the quality to be champions, but talking alone is not enough. I have a long-term contract here until 2024 and it's my big goal to win the title with BVB and celebrate winning titles with our fans’.

He is aiming to use his impressive talent and magic touch to bring up the biggest challenge in the league right now - to dethrone Bayern, which has won the last eight titles in the Bundesliga including the previous one.

Haaland did everything in his power to help Dortmund set up its place amongst the top teams in the league. This season, Haaland found himself dropping 44 goals in 40 matches for both Red Bull Salzburg and Dortmund.

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‘The way Bayern stay so consistent is impressive’, Haaland said of the challenge that he has to face in the upcoming season. ‘We have to continue our good development from the second half of last season and want to play with even more success next year’.

Haaland is just getting started. Fans will want to take note that last season was just his first with Dortmund - and it is not even a whole season. There is still a lot to expect from a player like him. After all, being one of the league’s top scorers in the season while playing in the second half alone is something to be proud of.

‘I always try to improve things, even if they're actually good already’, Haaland said of the things he needs to do. ‘That drives me. I definitely have enough potential to continue to improve in many areas over the next 10 years. When I'm 30 years old, I have to see if I can really do everything. But maybe it will be even better then’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA