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Feb 13, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Haaland Receive Praise From Teammate

Borussia Dortmund saw a glimpse of greatness unfold right before their eyes when Erling Haaland came up with an impressive performance after notching a hat-trick to lift his team to a 5-3 win over Augsburg.

In his Bundesliga debut, Haaland made it known to everyone that he is here to dominate. In just one hour of action, the young striker has already logged in five goals to his name, and he is not done yet.

Dortmund midfielder Axel Witsel was clearly impressed with the youngster’s level of play. He believes that Haaland is set for greater heights, and will surely be one of the team’s best players.

‘It's crazy’, said Witsel right after the team’s win at Augsburg. ‘To come on in the first game and score three goals, that hasn't happened since (Pierre-Emerick) Aubameyang. We needed a stronger striker, and the club did really good on this one. We're all happy he's here’.

Haaland was not even expected to make his debut as he did not pass his fitness exam. The young striker insisted Dortmund coach Lucien Favre to allow him to play, and the latter did not regret his choice to do so.

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‘I asked him how he did it and he just told me, “I don't know, I had the feeling!” For his age, he's really strong. He's tall, he's big, he has a lot of quality’, Witsel said of Haaland. ‘He can keep the ball. For a big guy, he's quite technical and in front of goal he's a killer. I hope he'll keep scoring like this for the next game’.

Haaland notched his first goal on the 59th minute just right after Augsburg pushed their lead to 3-1. He sank that goal after he received a long pass from Jadon Sancho, which found its way to the bottom-left corner of the net.

Haaland then added another goal in the 70th minute to give Dortmund its first lead of the game. Thorgan Hazard made a two on one play that allowed Haaland to get free as he slotted the goal right into the middle of the net.

Haaland’s next goal came in after nine minutes, which was a safety cushion to put the game away in their favour. The team then opted to defend for the rest of the game as they came up with a 5-3 win.

Haaland recently opened up on his decision to join Dortmund. He could have easily picked Manchester United, but he opted to join the Bundesliga giants.

‘Dortmund just went direct and said we need you up the front’, the 19-year-old said. ‘They told me they like my playing style and said, “We want to have you here.” I liked the way they spoke to me then and that was what ­triggered the move. I spent a few days ­looking around the club and speaking to senior people and I just felt that me and Dortmund were a good match’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA