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Hazard praises Ramos after leaving Madrid
Jun 22, 2021, 3:40:00 AM

Hazard praises Ramos after leaving Madrid

Sergio Ramos made a huge call to leave Madrid for good, and this marked the end of an era for the Blancos. The captain leaves a lot of progress for the club, and Eden Hazard could not thank him more for all of the games they have left it out on the pitch and gave all they could.

Madrid is set to enter a new phase in club history as the team now moves on from their captain. Ramos has been at the helm for the club since 2015 and has led them to a lot of success over the years.

Still, the lack of talks and proper deals with the club led to the fallout between the two sides. This leaves Ramos out of the roster for Madrid in the coming years, which means that it is the start of a new path for the club.

Hazard heaped a lot of praise for Ramos and was pleased for the time they have spent together on and off the pitch. The captain had a lot of impact on many players of the team, and Hazard learned a lot from him as well.

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The two have been a tandem for years since 2019. The Belgian then rose to stardom and was seen as a key player that Madrid can count on when it matters the most.

‘I wish him the best’, said Hazard. ‘I would have liked to have kept playing with him. We were together for two years. He is a leader. He still has many goals to score. He is one of the best defenders in football's history. I hope that he carries on enjoying it’.

Ramos has scored a total of 72 goals in his time with the Blancos despite being a key player on the back line. He has played a total of 469 games for the team and has won 22 titles in his run with the club.

Hazard and the rest of the team need to move on to the next chapter of Madrid’s story, and it will be hard to work out with Ramos now out of the roster for the first time in six years. They have to step up and make sure they still win.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA