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How Bukayo Saka became England's breakout star
Jun 29, 2021, 3:48:00 AM

How Bukayo Saka became England's breakout star

In England’s European Championships campaign, there have been some bright new names. However, there is none brighter than Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka. He became one of the best young talents in Europe with his stellar performances for England. 

England has its fair share of youngsters who are poised to break out at some point. Many people will point to Jadon Sancho or Phil Foden before the event but it has turned out that Gareth Southgate and his staff like Saka more than the others. 

While Foden is still getting the bulk of the minutes, Saka has impressed in his short time on the pitch. Unfortunately, Sancho has not even sniffed a chance to play which is a shame since he’s still seen as one of the best young players in the world. 

Saka has grown leaps and bounds over the past two years and it will not be long before he becomes a stalwart for both club and country.

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What makes Saka such a good prospect?

People tend to throw the word ‘skilled’ around when it comes to youngsters with fancy dribbles and good step-overs. With Saka, he’s not the flashiest of players but you can always rely on him to make the right moves at the right moments. Saka is a natural playmaker because he always looks for his teammates and he makes sure the ball gets to them by a pass or a good run past a defender.

While Saka is mostly seen as a playmaker, you can also look at him as an all-rounder. You can play him as a natural winger but you can also move him to the midfield or even a full-back role. That kind of versatility is what teams value and it looks like Southgate is a big fan of Saka’s hard work on the pitch.

Saka is one of the most gifted players on the team because he can play any role the coaches want. He is the dream prospect for teams because he is the perfect glue guy who fills in any gap in the team. To pair with that, he’s not a jack of all trades, master of none because he has the potential to shine in every skill imaginable.

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Saka continues to grow as time goes on

Saka has played under countless coaches over the years and they only say positive qualities when talking about him. He’ll likely be a star moving forward not only for Arsenal but for England as well. As the trend goes, Saka will keep getting better as his career progresses because he’s filled with talent and a hunger for success. 

His former England Under-18s coach Neil Dewsnip is one of the guides Saka has grown under in the past few years. Neil said, ‘He has this in-built desire. Many of these young boys know they have talent but don’t need to shout about it. They just want to get on and play football’.

With his ability to bomb forward as either a winger or a full-back, Saka can win games single-handedly. You can expect Saka to perform at a high level as an attacker but his way of tracking back on defence is special today. 

You should not be surprised if Arsenal will build around Saka as their star. England will do something similar when he commits to the team. He plays behind some special talents which means he might not get another chance. However, with his performance in the European Championships, the pendulum has swung and it favours Saka.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA