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The Wrap: How the 2021-22 Premier League season ended
Jul 4, 2022, 2:53:00 AM

The Wrap: How the 2021-22 Premier League season ended

The 2021-22 season of the Premier League ended with a bang, and a lot of fans are thrilled with the results. It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish, and the clubs have fought hard to ensure that they would make the most of their shot in making a fruitful season in the Prem.

Over the years, the Premier League has been home to a lot of stories that fans have enjoyed. Most of the clubs in the Prem have enjoyed a splendid run of their own, with squads either winning big in the season or having a tough finish all the way down to relegation.

It is safe to say that the Premier League 2021-22 season is one for the books, and fans are pleased with the overall results of the run. This just proves that there is indeed always something to expect from the Prem every season, and the future of English football remains bright with a lot of elite clubs playing at a higher level now more than ever.

So far, the season ended with many twists and turns in the final months, and the Prem did not fail to surprise fans with hot finishes between rival teams with championships, promotions, and hopes on the line.

Here are the best stories of the 2021-22 EPL season:

Manchester City’s big steal

Manchester City have won their back to back titles after their finish this season. The squad has been relentless in their games and they managed to pull off a strong feat that defined the grit in the squad. Their success has been all about sticking together as a single unit, and they have beaten the odds once more.

City started out the season with a strong pace before being derailed in a Southampton Premier League match last September 2021. They remained as the favourites to finish with the league title in the season and managed to come up with a strong stretch of games to come up with a promising run for the ages.

Title finish in the 2021-22 season

City was down by two points on the final day of the 2021-22 season. Liverpool claimed a big win in their final day to make it a 92-89 lead in their points against City, so it was now or never for the defending champs. 

Manchester City has not lost a game in their last five, winning three in a row before hitting a crucial draw against West Ham. They went 2-2 with the Hammers, which was a tough game for the club as that could have sealed their title chances. City came back strong and finished the season with a bang by winning in their final game.

Triumph against Aston Villa

For City, it was the 3-2 win against Aston Villa that saved their season. Villa had a 2-0 lead in the 70th minute, which was a tough look for the fans at the City of Manchester Stadium. Ilkay Gundogan came alive and scored a goal in the 76th minute to cut the lead to just one. Rodri then scored the second goal for City and tied the game two minutes later.

The crowd was hyped for City, and with the season on the line, the defending champions showed how good they can be when playing against the odds. Gundogan later found a way inside the box off a Kevin De Bruyne assist to win the league title once more.

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Liverpool’s stunning campaign

Liverpool enjoyed a huge campaign of their own. The Reds were expected to be a top-four team as most football experts say, but the 2020 champions refused to back down without a fight and showed the rest of the league why they are still a relevant team to beat.

While the season did not end well in their favour, it was a huge hope for the Reds than most people think. The club finished with 69 points in the 2020-21 season by winning their last five games of the season. They secured a ticket in the Champions League and finished with the third spot amid many injuries in the roster.

A near win in the Prem

Liverpool was so close to making a title win once more. The Reds had 92 points to cap off a three-game winning streak by the end of the season and they have gone unbeaten in the last five. However, that was not enough as they got beaten by City for the league title on the final day.

The Reds lost the game by just a point, which was a huge heartbreaker for a lot of fans who have been waiting for a Liverpool resurgence at the top of the league. Finishing second was already a huge feat for the club, and they kept their distance well with City and edged Chelsea, who had 74 points for the third spot.

A deeper UCL run

Liverpool’s 2021-22 season was full of growth and was proof that the Reds can be dangerous opponents as long as they play healthy in their games. The team came up with a daring run in the Champions League as well, gunning their games all the way to the final.

The Reds faced Madrid in the biggest stage, and they fought all the way to the finish. Liverpool dominated the game in all aspects but could not make the most of their chances against a defensive-focused Blancos. Still, this is a season to remember for Liverpool with a lot of hopes for the coming season.

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Arsenal’s revamped season

Arsenal was one of the biggest surprises for the 2021-22 season. For starters, Arsenal Premier League players have stepped it up to the next level, giving a huge boost to the team with a lot of impressive performances in the past few months. There was no denying that the club has enjoyed a strong rally that gave them a much better finish compared to the 2021 run.

The club finished with the top eight spot in the 2020-21 season by winning their last five games of the run, and it was a different story in the next one. Arsenal had 61 points to finish the season back then, and they did the 2021-22 season better with 69 points.

Arsenal finished with a 22-3-13 record, which was a whole lot more impressive than their runs in the last two Premier League seasons. This just shows how gritty they have been with a lot of changes in their play style and approach to various games, and Arsenal Champions League odds next season would be dependent on how well they will play once more.

Will Arsenal be in the Champions League?

Even though Arsenal made an inspiring run, the club failed to make it to the Champions League by just two points. Arsenal had a tough blunder in their final three games, losing two in a row in games against Tottenham and Newcastle. They only managed to win in the final league game—a 5-1 thumping of Everton, but it was not enough to push them to a trip to the Champions League.

The last time that Arsenal FC Champions League matches were played was in the 2016-17 edition where they were taken out in the Round of 16. It has been a long drought for the team ever since. This is why a lot of fans were almost hyped that the team would make it back into the competition again.

After all, Arsenal UEFA Champions League history has been filled with a lot of short runs, but the club used to be a consistent team on the big stage. This just shows more expectations for Arsenal as they hope to make a lot of noise and come back even stronger than ever.

Who are the new signings for Arsenal 2021-2022?

Perhaps the biggest move that Arsenal made in the 2021-22 season was to let go of their former lead star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has been a strong leader in his tenure with the North London squad. 

After being stripped as captain, Arsenal soon announced Aubameyang's departure from the club by mutual consent. It was the start of a new era for the team, and fans were shocked to begin with, but they managed to come up with a strong string of performances down the stretch.

Most of it was thanks to Arsenal Premier League transfers who stepped up in crucial moments of the game. Arsenal signed the likes of Ben White, Martin Ødegaard, Aaron Ramsdale, and Takehiro Tomiyasu back into the squad after being on loan and these youngsters played with a lot of grit to give the team a huge push.

When did Arsenal last win the Premier League?

While there are no Arsenal Champions League titles yet, the club did win the Premier League title in 2003-04. They finished without losing a single match, a feat where they earned the nickname ‘The Invincibles’. It was a huge success by the North London squad back then, and they have been longing to see that once more.

So far, the hopes have never been higher for Arsenal, and the finish in the 2021-22 season shows a lot of promise for the team as they aim to get more wins next season. Who knows, this may be the big break that Arsenal has been looking forward to.

For now, they are setting a huge focus on both pushing their game to the next level while also winning in the Europa League. This is the time for Arsenal’s resurgence once more.

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Manchester United’s rough finish

Manchester United was one of the hyped teams in the 2021-22 season after their second-place finish in the past run. They finished the season with just one win in their last five games, drawing one and losing three, including two in a row to close out the run.

There have been a lot of changes for Manchester United. Fans were frustrated with the way they slowed down in the closing run of the 2020-21 season, and it is tough to say that it happened again. Even though the stakes were not high as it was before, the team did finish poorly once more and were lucky enough to even make it to the Europa League.

A disappointing record for a talented roster

It was supposed to be a huge season for the Red Devils. They added Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s  arguably one of the best scorers in football history, into the roster once more along with Raphael Varane. With a star-studded lineup of Harry Maguire and Anthony Martial, fans were hyped with the way they were ready to dominate the Premier League.

United finished with a 16-10-12 record in the 2021-22 season. It was a huge letdown for a team that was poised to become a dynasty in the Prem for years to come. That says a lot about their poor chances even with the best player in football at the ready.

Dawn of a new era in Old Trafford

With a lot of tough results for United, the club went on to make a tough call that most football fans did not expect. The Red Devils parted ways with former head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who has led the team to its big strides since the 2018 season.

In the final game of the 2021-22 season, incoming manager Erik ten Hag watched as the squad got owned by Crystal Palace. The manager is now set to fill the gaps of the team and is tasked to make the star-studded unit work as a whole and hopefully win better next season.

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Southampton’s hyped surge

Southampton enjoyed a lively season compared to the 2020-21 run. For starters, the Saints were just a few wins away from making it back into the top 10, but a set of tough losses kept them from making a huge run that could have given them a huge push into the 10th spot at the very least.

A lot of Southampton transfer rumours have been out there for some time now, and most of them were just false talks as the Saints opted to keep its main core. So far, the squad is clicking well, and there is no denying that they have done a great job to keep a consistent and strong chemistry.

The Saints shook off their 2-0 loss to Burnley with a 2-2 draw with Brighton last April 24th. It was a huge chance for the club to break into the top 10, but they lost four games in a row to Crystal Palace, Brentford, Liverpool and Leicester City in the season finale. That cost them 12 points that could have pulled them up into the elites.

A revitalised focus on both ends of the pitch

Despite a rough finish, the Saints have finally recovered their identity as a defensive team that can also pack a strong punch on the offensive end. The likes of Che Adams, James Ward-Prowse, and Kyle Walker-Peters have proved to be instant two-way stars. 

On top of that, Jan Bednarek has also been an insane star factor for the Saints. Bednarek has improved on making a lot of tackles for the club and has also served as a reliable scorer when needed. So far, this has been a good season for most of the Southampton football club players.

What position is Southampton in the Premier League?

Southampton finished with the 15th spot in the 2021-22 season which is the same as their past run. They just had three points less for a 9-13-16 record after losing four straight. Southampton FC league history is filled with storied success for the past few years, and it is easy to expect that they will do whatever it takes to bounce back next season.

The odds on Southampton winning the Premier League may not be that high, but it is easy to doubt a team’s chances of earning the league title until they are in action. Saints fans have a lot of faith in their squad especially with manager Ralph Hasenhuttl promising to cook up a new formation for his lineup. This is why fans should believe that they have what it takes to win sooner or later.

The relegation battle

The relegation battle was intense between four teams at the bottom of the Premier League table. Both Norwich City and Watford didn’t have a chance to crawl out of that hole in the bottom three as they finished with 22 and 23 points, respectively. What’s disappointing about that is they got promoted from the Championship last season only to be sent back there again.

Burnley, on the other hand, did not give up without a fight as they battled Newcastle down to the wire and nearly had a comeback up and running. The team could not pull off a win in the final moments, which led them to lose in the final game of the season.

Surviving the relegation for Leeds United

Leeds was almost at the bottom of the Premier League table. The team lost three games in a row before forcing a tight 1-1 draw with Brighton in their second to last match of the season. Leeds held on and was tied with Burnley at 35 points on the final matchday of the run.

Burnley lost their game, and all Leeds needs to do is to hold on for a draw or win the game. The club came up clutch in their game against Brentford, and it was a closing goal that sealed the deal for Leeds’ chances in the Premier League.

What to expect in the English Premier League in 2022-23

A lot of experts say that the 2022-23 season will be a much more intense competition than ever. Many teams are looking to bounce back and get back to their groove after a rough finish, which means there are going to be a lot of tight games and surging teams who are looking to make the most of their chances.

Betting on these games is going to be a lot of fun as well. Teams are expected to play at a high level, which means there is indeed a strong promise of a bigger competition in the league. This is why you should bet at and try to predict which team is going to win in the coming season.

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