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How to bet on the Champions League 2022-23
May 16, 2023, 6:50:00 AM

How to bet on the Champions League 2022-23

The 2022/23 Champions League (UCL) showcases fiery matches between clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Napoli, who are leading their respective group rankings. Add excitement to your viewing experience and place your bets on UCL fixtures here at

The Champions League betting excitement comes from the intense competition between top European football clubs. Punters need to know team and bracket lineups before they bet on Champions League games and outrights markets.

All your betting Champions finals predictions, like a victory for Man City or an Italian club winning the trophy, can be made here at Find out how you can place wagers on various betting markets below: 

How to make your Champions League bets at has a user-friendly interface which can help you navigate the platform easily. If you’re new to betting on the Champions League, here’s how it’s done: 

  • To bet on the Champions League, go to the soccer betting section of the website and locate the Leagues tab. 

  • Navigate the tab, select International Clubs and find the UEFA Champions League.

  • You will see three betting types: Matches/Future for scheduled matches, Outrights for predictions on the UCL as a whole, and In-play, which pops up every time there is an ongoing match. 

  • For in-play and future bets, click the Champions League match you want to bet on. The betting markets for these bet types are for the head-to-head game. 

On the other hand, outrights betting lets you wager on the competition as a whole. You can bet on who you think will win the 2022/23 UCL campaign final and other bigger picture predictions.

  • Select your preferred Champions League betting predictions displayed on the Betslip at the bottom right of the page. 

Bet on Champions League matches

Champions League betting markets high rollers can enjoy has a variety of markets that you can check out when betting Champions predictions. With the abundance of options, you have many opportunities to place bets that will lead to fantastic rewards. Here are the top Champions League betting markets you can try:

  • 1x2: This is where you make Champions League winner predictions between the three possible results in a Champions League match: a home win, an away win, or a draw. 

  • Winner: The outright bet involves predicting the winner of the entire competition a few weeks or months before the season starts.

  • Both teams to score: This is a yes or no market where you predict if both clubs playing will score a goal. 

  • Anytime goalscorer: This market revolves around predicting which player can score a goal at any point in the match. 

  • First player to score: You pick a player from either squad you feel will score the first goal of the match.

  • To win from behind: You predict if either club from a match like Real Madrid vs Manchester City can go at least a goal down, then come back to win the match. 

Types of odds

Betting odds help you determine the favourites and underdogs in a matchup. The numbers forecast an outcome of a match or event they’re attached to. At the same time, the odds can help you calculate the payouts for your wagers. This is useful for your Champions League predictions since it helps you make a sound decision. 

You have three types of odds you can use on

  • Moneyline: This format has positive (+) and negative (-) symbols to help you determine which bet is profitable between the two. The former is for underdogs, which is more lucrative, while the latter is the opposite.

  • Decimal: Decimal odds have numbers in a decimal form where you can see the lower odds are meant for the favourites while the higher numbers are for the underdogs. For example, the decimal odds can appear like 4.35 odds, meaning every $1 wager can result in a $4.35 reward.

  • Hong Kong: Whenever there are odds lower than 1, they are favourites, while those higher than 1 are for underdogs. You have to add or subtract 1 from the odds based on its location to 1 to calculate the payout. There is also the rare case where the odds are exactly at 1, which means it’s a 1/1 payout.

2022/23 Champions League betting tips

Betting is not relying on your gut feeling completely. There are a few factors to consider, especially with the Champions League, where all the best European clubs play every season. Here are some of the helpful Champions League final betting tips you can use: 

  • Take into account clubs’ performances in the domestic leagues: Participating clubs in the Champions League come from domestic leagues like La Liga, Serie A, and the English Premier League. Just look at how Napoli has performed this season in Serie A, where they won the title and their run to the UCL quarter-finals. 

  • Keep track of player transfers: You need to take note of transfers these clubs make because that can improve their squads. The January transfer window this season has played a huge role, like Yann Sommer moving to Bayern Munich in January 2023.

  • Check the tactics used by the managers: By being familiar with the tactics used by some managers, you have the advantage because you know the intricacies of certain matchups and how teams can play against each other. The shift in formations from Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel helped them reach a high position.

What to consider for your Champions League bets predictions

Making your betting Champions predictions can be easier if you know what to consider in the upcoming matches and season. Increase the probability of succeeding in your UCL bets with the tips below:

  • Look into the favourites: Throughout the UCL’s history, there have been some fantastic favourites like Real Madrid, who has 14 titles to their name. That plays a huge role for any bet because championship pedigree can lead to solid success in a knockout bracket that involves high-stakes matches.

  • Do not overlook underdogs: With Arsenal securing a UCL spot in the Premier League, they are a huge underdog to win the upcoming UCL in 2023/24. Just make sure you look at clubs like that when making your wagers.

  • Expect Italian clubs to perform well: Italian clubs have continued to prove they are one of the best in knockout stages. Take a look at their best clubs and see how they can continue to perform in the UCL, like Inter vs Milan.

Make in-play soccer bets’s features punters can use provides features that can make your Champions League final betting more streamlined and help you save more time to enjoy watching the matches. These are: 

  • Betslip: You can find the Betslip in the lower-right corner whenever you place bets. This is to track bets and the possible payouts you will get. 

  • Head-to-head: This feature helps you give info that can help your chances of winning your bets. This info can be stats, matchups, standings, and an overall UEFA Champions League forecast. 

Make the most out of your Champions League wagers

You can get the optimal Champions League betting experience with With varying betting markets available and features that can help you determine the best bets to make, you can have a worthwhile wagering time as you enjoy watching the intense matches. 

Expect instant transactions with deposits and withdrawals because cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT), are the primary payment method you can use on the site. You can also keep track of your bets wherever you are with the site’s mobile app! Have a fun, fast, and fair betting journey here at as you make your 2022/23 Champions League final predictions. 

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Words: Cholo Martin