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How to bet on the Champions League 2021-22
Dec 20, 2021, 5:14:00 AM

How to bet on the Champions League 2021-22

The Champions League returns with a lot of intense matches, and fans are keen to see the best teams in Europe’s top leagues battle for the big glory. There are a lot of punters who would love to get the chance to win out their bets in this competition.

The 2020-21 edition ended with a bang after Chelsea stormed for the trophy and beat the Prem champs Manchester City in the final. It was a huge shock for a lot of fans and no one ever saw it coming. This is why the 2021-22 edition of the UCL is a much bigger competition to hope for.

With the best teams in the leagues crushing one another for the big title, it is easy to expect that there will be tight games. On top of that, fans are also keen to see the biggest battles that will take place between the best teams in all of Europe.

The 2021-22 Champions League opens up a much bigger chance for a lot of punters to take huge wins. This is why learning how the betting markets work for the UCL is a must for every punter who wants to wager on the tourney.

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Champions League betting rules

There are various betting markets for the Champions League since it is packed with games between the best teams in Europe. It is safe to say that the odds will always be locked and closer than usual. That says a lot about the intense performances in the tourney compared to the domestic league games.

This is a huge promise for every punter since they can get to focus on the certain types of bets of their liking or the ones they haven’t tried before that can help them win big. Depending on how the UCL games go, punters may get a chance to win if they bet well on the league contenders and the top clubs who have a better chance of winning.

Betting on future games means placing wagers in advance. Punters can bet on a certain team to win in a given match for starters. There are certain specific bets that can be wagered on long before the game actually begins. There are other future bets such as a Sergio Aguero to score two goals in the opening minutes of the game.

In-play betting is a much better market since there are many teams who have tight games in the UCL. For example, a game between Manchester City and Paris SG would be a huge battle and it is hard to predict how the match will end. While betting in advance is an option, it would still be wise to place wagers during the game instead.

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Watching the game live means punters have an edge since they can see how a certain team is doing. If there are player injuries or a flurry of goals, then it is safe to say that there would be a big shift in the odds.

Betting on the coming game in the next 24 hours means putting the past event or game that involves both playing teams into consideration. The intense games in the UCL means that this bet is a good look for a lot of punters since they can try to bet on this market right away.

There are sites where punters can get a lot of certain promos for betting in a match one day before it begins. This means punters can either double their total winnings or at least maximise their chances instead of a regular bet.

Prop bets are a popular wager in UCL games since there are a lot of star players on the pitch. It is easy to see bets such as ‘Neymar to score first’, ‘Paris SG to concede two goals’, or ‘Bayern Munich to score three goals’, and so on.

These bets do not deal with the outcome of the game itself. Unlike point spreads, totals or even other markets, prop bets only tackle wagers that are connected to player stats or any event in the game that does not affect the final score.

Outright bets are the simplest of them all. It is plainly betting on which team is going to win in the league. These bets are placed before the season starts and will be closed as soon as the first kick-off begins. This is a huge market that is loved by many UCL punters simply because they can also bet not just on teams that they think will win but also on who can get the best player awards.

Handicap bets are rarely used in the UCL since many teams are at an elite level. The only way that the handicap bets will come into play is how much of a deficit will a favourite have or how many goals will an underdog have as a head start.

These bets are safe but sometimes UCL games also take a different turn, which is unpredictable at most. This is why betting at handicaps is a recommended way to win in UCL bets as well.

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Betting lines in the Champions League

Betting lines in the UCL means dealing with set gambling odds and finding out which team is a favourite and underdog in a match. It is a handicap bet that deals with the margin (line) between the two teams. With the odds even, thanks to the handicap, both teams now have an equal chance to win.

Learning how to read Champions League betting lines is a huge plus and it means a lot to punters who want to get the big wins in the UCL. Reading betting odds in the right way means a bigger chance at prize money, and fans can be pleased to score that kind of win in the end.

For example, if Chelsea is the favourite, then they must win by a set number of goals for the bet to win. On the other hand, Manchester City - the underdog - must not lose by a set number of goals or more. With the betting lines, the odds are set to a fair number with both teams having an equal amount of winning odds.

Find out a team's value in the betting market before placing wagers. It’s still more than betting than who will actually win the game. Sometimes being an avid fan of the Champions League is a big help for many punters.

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Champions League betting picks

There are a lot of top teams in the UCL and punters would never run out of options in betting. Punters are always updated on the latest UCL games, and they are aware of the contenders of the coveted trophy of the competition.

Here are the top picks to win in the 2021-22 edition of the Champions League:

Manchester City is one of the best teams who are seen as a contender. The club fell short in the 2021 final and they sure want to avenge that loss, no matter who’s on their way. No club is hungrier than the team that was just one win away from a title.

The club won the Premier League in the same season when they lost in the UCL, and it seems that they want to make history by going for both in the 2021-22 run. City has a lot of talent at the ready. Their roster is already a winning team, and this is why they are one of the top picks to win.

Bayern Munich is also one of the best clubs that are still in the UCL race. The club has been on fire for almost a decade now and they are gunning for their 10th title in a row in the Bundesliga, so this makes them a perfect pick to win in the UCL as well.

The Bavarians are still on the prowl after their early exits in the past few years, and they want to avenge it with a strong push in their games for the 2021-22 season. The team has been on a roll in the past few years and this shows a lot of growth for the top squad in Germany.

Chelsea will always remain as the top pick in the UCL for the 2021-22 season. The defending champs are sitting at the top of the Prem for most of the first half of the run and they are also gunning for a string of titles in the coming years.

The Blues have found a boost in their games thanks to the success of their homegrown talents and long time stars. Reece James and Thiago Silva have led the way for their big games so far and Kai Havertz has been a special talent.

Ajax is also one of the surprise teams who have been thriving as of late. The Dutch club is one of the best teams to challenge the UCL and they are still leading the way when it comes to clutch games. The team can still shock a lot of clubs in the tourney and their pace is impeccable.

The Eredivisie contenders are efficient, and they are not stopping to get a huge win against the top clubs of the competition. This proves that the team is still hopeful for a UCL title in 2022.

Madrid is one of the hungry teams who has a shot at winning the league title as well. There are some challenges for the club and they are really doing well when it comes to pushing for the top spot in the La Liga title race.

The Blancos are still considered as a top club who have a lot of chances of winning league titles. No one can deny the fact that they also have a big shot at the UCL as well. After two years of struggles, the Blancos are ready to take a stand and strike two birds at the same time.

The Champions League will soon come into an epic finish, and a lot of teams will battle for a big finish as they aim to score massive wins all the way to the final. This is what makes betting in the UCL a huge chance for winning a lot of prizes for punters.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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