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A guide on how to bet on the Turkish Süper Lig
Apr 29, 2022, 4:40:00 AM

A guide on how to bet on the Turkish Süper Lig

The Turkish Süper Lig is one of the best football leagues you should check out. This league has arguably the most passionate fanbase in the world with a massive number of fans showing their support and betting on their games. 

Turkey has one of the most underrated football competitions because almost every tier is always watchable. You can always expect that the Süper Lig experience will be thrilling because there are high-quality games and the teams always have parity.

Compared to the other leagues in Europe, you won’t see the Süper Lig much because of how popular the others are, but the Turkish top-flight deserves some love. As you watch the Süper Lig games, you should try your hand at betting as well. With that, let’s look into the competition’s history and the Süper Lig teams.

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What is the Turkish Süper Lig?

Established back in 1959, the Turkish Süper Lig has been the country’s top-tier football league. In Turkey, they are the biggest league but they deserve more of the spotlight because some people forget its quality.

They have had various clubs playing in the league but there are a few that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. Here are some of the teams that have become the biggest teams in Turkey.

    •   Galatasaray - The winningest club in the Süper Lig with 22 titles. They were established back in 1905 and they have been a consistent top team in the Süper Lig ever since. They are also a good team around Europe since they compete well in the Champions League and Europa League.

    •   Fenerbahçe - As the club with the second-most wins in Turkey, Fene has 19 titles in the Süper Lig’s history. They are one of the most popular clubs in the country as well as they have created a huge fan base.

    •   Beşiktaş - As one of the top teams that have also never been relegated, Beşiktaş is a club that deserves the recognition. The club is the final member of the Big Three consisting of the two previously mentioned clubs. They had success around Europe and they have done so as ‘the people’s team’ because they are known for their affinity towards the working-class fan base.

    •   Trabzonspor - With a history that stretches back to 1967, Trabzonspor has been one of the premium clubs in the Süper Lig. They are one of the most prolific clubs in the country even if they are not located in Istanbul where the top teams are usually located.

Betting on this league has become popular as well because it is seen as a valuable league. Bettors will have fun because they are loaded with talented players and loaded teams in the Süper Lig standings. 

Do your research first before betting

When you make your bets, you should know that research will be the foundation that you need. If you just go with your gut, you will not succeed most of the time. Yes, you can get lucky but that is not a sustainable model for success moving forward with your Turkish Süper Lig betting endeavours.

It will not be an issue if you keep yourself in the loop about the Süper Lig and football in general. If you research more about what is happening in the current season of the Süper Lig, you will be well-prepared for all of the moves that you make. 

Thankfully, you have the internet to research all of the necessary information for your wagers. You can look at the statistics which will be extremely helpful since they will be the basis for most of your events. Despite their importance, you should not use them as the only basis for your bets because there should be nuance with your wagers. You should read further to learn more Süper Lig betting tips to help you thrive.

Look at the teams that can perform in a particular year

When you are betting on the Süper Lig, you should always keep in mind that there are certain teams that you should know. The Süper Lig has many pillars, especially the Big Three of the Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, and Beşiktaş alongside Trabzonspor. They can be the top teams for a long while but you should also look at the other top performing teams. 

You can look at teams like Sivasspor and Alanyaspor as well. While they will not be the consistent teams like the pillars of the league, you should look at the league’s landscape so you can win your bets. Hopefully, you can maximise your success with your wagers by doing the proper research. You will most likely succeed without any issues if you do this because you have all of the information you need.

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Star players will be the difference-makers in the bets

Compared to the other leagues when you will see stars thrust into roles, you should see star players shining brighter than others in the Süper Lig. There are 11 players on the pitch but you should always know that there is a transcendent star there who will affect the match. In the Premier League, players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane are great examples but in the Süper Lig, there are a select few that can always pull off masterful performances.

Players who have influenced Süper Lig games in the past

The Süper Lig has had its fair share of star players in its history, you should take a look at the stars who can serve as the prototypes for your bets in the future.

    •   Hakan Sükür - Considered the ‘goal king’ of Turkey, Sükür was a crucial player for multiple teams in the past. He was mainly known for his time in Galatasaray where he turned the tides of any game he played because he can score goals of different varieties. This should be the prototype for what you look for in a striker who can help the team.

    •   Rüstü Reçber - As one of the most prolific players in the Süper Lig, you should expect that goalkeepers will be a crucial part of any team. Goalkeepers like Reçber are important to any team because they are the last line of defence and typically, they are also the ones to conduct the defensive system. Reçber was fantastic during his career and he should be the prototypical GK you should look for.

    •   Tugay Kerimoğlu - As one of the most prolific midfielders in Süper Lig history, Tugay should be the midfielder that you will rely on. He was a stellar ball-handler during his days and he was the table-setter for the rest of the team. With a player like Tugay, you can succeed with your bets because they can shift a result into their team’s favour. 

Keep yourself updated with Süper Lig news

In football, news is always important because it will keep you updated. There are factors that you should look into because the bets will change when significant reports pop up. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep up with the news.

Injuries play a huge role

    •   Injuries will affect Süper Lig games - Star players are a crucial part of what happens in the games and knowing that they can’t play will affect your bets. You should familiarise yourself with the most common injuries because that will be significant for your bets.

    •   Long-term injuries will shift your betting strategy - Some players are only out with small injuries that take them out for a game or two. However, some players suffer long-term injuries which will take them out for a long time. This should be a factor that you consider because if a player like Demba Ba is out, you should expect that the team will find it hard to succeed. 

Transfers will heavily affect the teams

    •   New players can shift the team’s playstyle - In football, there are significant transfers that truly help the team perform at a higher level. In the Süper Lig, there have been multiple transfers that have truly made a difference. An important transfer example that happened in the past involves Gheorghe Hagi who came from Barça to Galatasaray and helped the Turkish squad become a powerhouse.

    •   Players leaving can make teams worse - On the other hand, there are also negatives for teams when players leave the lineup. Think of Cenk Tosun who left Beşiktaş after back to back titles with the club. They struggled to recover for a while which affected the Süper Lig betting odds.

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Look into the Turkey Süper Lig betting odds

As you progress in your betting journey, you should be made aware of the odds. You will see these numbers attached to the bets that you will make. They will tell you which team is favoured to win which should be an important statistic that you should keep in mind. 

Remember that these odds should not be the primary basis for your bets because they can mislead you. Look into the numbers so you can be assured that you’re making the right decision by betting on your chosen team. 

You should also know that these numbers can tell you how much money you can make when you win your bet. As bettors, you should look into this because if you want to be successful with your bets and earn rewards, you should take down notes regarding the amount that you can win. 

Momentum means a great deal when it comes to the betting world and the odds should reflect that. However, the odds will tell you just a short amount of information regarding the teams that are playing. You should look at the momentum heading into a match because you may not know if the underdogs are actually in better form. 

Alongside that, you should also know how a specific matchup can pan out. Look into the head-to-head matchups that the two teams have had over the years, and you will see a history of how much a certain team like Galatasaray can perform against Trabzonspor. If you can analyse how a match can progress, you will most likely thrive with your bets because you know how teams and players perform on the pitch. 

The eye test still matters

You can be a good bettor just by relying on the numbers and reports, but you should watch the games so you can have a good idea of the dynamics in the game. They are pretty easy to understand because football’s main objective is to score goals. Whatever happens on the pitch should be used for expanding your knowledge because you can thrive as a bettor if you know what the teams are doing. 

Bettors will always look for the best Süper Lig Turkey football betting tips, but you should always use your football knowledge to your advantage alongside that. You can use the tips and when you mix what you know about football, your bets will be made when it’s backed by legitimate strategies and true knowledge of the sport. 

When you are just solely relying on the stats, you might not see the little moves that certain players make to help them win games. That should be a huge deal when you’re making bets because this is not reflected on the stat sheets. 

The best example of these is the defenders. They are not statistically inclined because their physicality and leadership won’t pop up in a stat sheet but thankfully, you can see that when you watch the games.

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Make risky yet calculated bets

If you truly want to succeed with your bets, you should know when to make the big decision to swing on underdogs. Of course, you should always calculate your moves because there is a chance that you will miss the big swings. You can maximise your chances of winning your bets if you follow the Turkish Süper Lig betting tips that were discussed earlier. Do not be discouraged when you lose the bets you made because you will be successful when you have the right mindset.

When it comes to taking big swings, that will most likely be in the realm of betting on the underdogs more than the favourites. This means that you have a chance of earning more rewards because you are doing your best to maximise your rewards. Do not make these bets willy-nilly though because you will be much better off researching the matchup first before laying down your wagers. 

Think of a match between the usual powerhouse Galatasaray and underdogs Goztepe. You will most likely favour the former because they have a historical advantage over any other team with their numerous titles. However, if you have seen proof that Goztepe can perform against the powerhouse, you should try to swing on the underdog bet. You will most likely lose that but if you feel confident in what you’ve seen, try to throw a small bet in that direction and you can benefit from an underdog win. 

Now, the Süper Lig continues to be one of the most exciting leagues in the world. When you watch a Süper Lig game, you can truly feel the crowd jumping to their feet when a goal is scored. The Turkish fans’ passion is undeniable and the teams playing on the pitch are on the same level as the other European leagues.

If you’re looking to bet on the Süper Lig, you are in luck because is an awesome platform that you can use. Here at, you will have no issues with the football markets since it is diverse with the available leagues on the site. Hopefully, you can use all of these tips to win your bets. Good luck!

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