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How will signing José Mourinho work out for AS Roma?
Jul 22, 2021, 4:53:00 AM

How will signing José Mourinho work out for AS Roma?

José Mourinho has found his new home with AS Roma in Serie A. With his lacklustre run with Tottenham Hotspur, expectations are lower than ever for the legendary coach. He wants to establish a new culture with Roma but the fans have questioned his coaching acumen.

Under Paulo Fonseca, Roma finished seventh in the Serie A league table. It was an underwhelming run for the club since most people expected that they would be in the top four. They finished with a spot in the Europa Conference League which is a good reward but they wanted more success with the team.

This led to the sacking of Paulo and the hiring of José. The legendary coach wants to whip his players into shape so they can match the teams that José created back in the day. He has even made sure to inspire his players by showing them their mistakes using a drone camera where he can see everything during training sessions.

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Can José replicate his previous results at Roma?

While Roma is a similar side to Spurs, they do not have the true superstar that the North London club had. With Spurs, José had Harry Kane to rely upon to score his goals and create for his teammates. Now that he's with Roma, José has to adjust and create a team culture that maximizes everyone’s talents and not just focusing on just one player.

José is ready to lead a project and not an immediate title hopeful. He wants to build something concrete with Roma and turn them into a strong team gradually. With Spurs, he was forced to create a top team but they didn’t have the tools to do so. 

‘You always talk about titles, we talk about the project and work’, José said. ‘It would be easy to promise a title, but the reality is different. We talk about the project and about improving. You talk about titles, we talk about projects. The owners don’t want an isolated success, they want to get there and stay there, which is more difficult’.

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Sustainability is the goal

In José’s past few teams, he was seen as the coach who brought in immediate results. This is not what he wants to do with Roma because he wants to create a winning culture from scratch. He does not want to keep chasing titles without a lineup that can legitimately compete with the top teams in the league. 

Roma can match up well with Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juve but it will be an uphill battle. They need to build up to their level so they can also be a sustainable club.

Chris Smalling once played for José at Manchester United and it looks like the defender is pleased they got his former coach. 

‘For large parts of the last two seasons, we were very consistent and weren't far off’, Smalling said. ‘Now it is about having the mentality of making sure when we do go through those tough times, and maybe we aren't quite creating enough chances, we need to stick together. Now it is about finding that consistency. Hopefully, with José and his staff, we do that because it is such a great club’.

It will be fun to see how José adjusts to a whole new situation. He won in Italy before but that was with a superb Inter side. Now, he has the chance to shock the world just like what he did with Porto.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA