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Mar 27, 2020, 6:27:00 AM

Jesus Snaps, Caio Contented

Flamengo finds themselves in an unfamiliar situation - but similar to what other football clubs around the world are currently experiencing.

With the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A suspended, Flamengo’s manager, Jorge Jesus, hoped that he could get some well-deserved rest. If his arrival back home would be an indication of how things would be for the next few weeks, it’s going to be anything but rest. The first thing people noticed when arrived at the airport was that he was wearing a face mask and gloves.

As protocol dictates, people are supposed to practice ‘social distancing’ where they stay at least a meter away from one another - something that the media did not do. In fact, they anticipated his arrival and immediately began swarming him with questions. Jesus got frustrated at them and yelled at them to leave him alone which they ignored. Eventually, he lost his composure and yelled to them, ‘You should've got the virus’.

It’s common to see a football manager frustrated during matches but Jesus, in this scenario, was just a person - and people have their limits. Additionally, Jesus was grieving the loss of a friend who lost his life to the virus - something that the Flamengo manager also tested positive for. He got infected after coming into contact with vice-president Mauricio Gomes de Mattos.

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In a statement, the club said, ‘Clube de Regatas do Flamengo informs that the tests to detect the presence of COVID-19 in athletes, coaching staff and employees of the football department were recently concluded. The club reports that coach Jorge Jesus performed a first test for COVID-19 and the result was a weak or inconclusive positive. The result is being checked’.

‘The coach is under the care of Flamengo's medical department and is presently stable’, it continued. ‘The board reiterates its commitment to health and safety during the Coronavirus pandemic and has suspended all training for the first team and youth teams for at least a week. Athletes, members of the football department and coaching staff tested negative for COVID-19. It is worth mentioning that the football department will follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health during the Coronavirus pandemic’.

In other news, Rodrigo Caio talks about the success he had while with Flamengo. ‘Without a doubt, this is a wonderful time for me’, said the player. ‘I have the opportunity to feel the thrill of playing at the Maracanã. I feel very honoured to wear the Flamengo shirt. Whenever I have entered the pitch, I have done my best. The achievements speak for themselves’.

‘Being able to win a Libertadores and a Brasileirão practically at the same time shows that everything was worth it’, he continued. ‘Few people know how hard we had to work for it. I think this is the key. That was the final realisation. Look back and see everything we went through’.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA