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Feb 17, 2020, 6:38:00 AM

League Title Within Reach of Liverpool, Arsenal Regain Form

As the Premier League goes on, Liverpool continues their march towards the league title - and, possibly, ending the season without a loss.

Just because Liverpool are ahead of the entire league doesn’t mean that they’re safe. Recently, the club has been warned that winning the title with too many games remaining could prevent them from reaching their hopes of being ‘invincible’. The Reds are on their way winning the title in just five more wins. However, their goal of finishing the season without a single defeat could prove to be a daunting task - even if they already have the title secured.

For the entire season, they’ve only dropped two points during their 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford last October. Meanwhile, defending champions Manchester City seemed to have lost their form, allowing Liverpool to take a huge lead in the points department. They look to have accepted the fact that they will not retain the title and have seemed to shift their focus on ending the season strong.

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However, according to former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino, Liverpool could have a hard time maintaining their form once they are crowned Premier League winners. In an interview, Cascarino said, ‘I think they will get beat’. He then continued, saying, ‘I have said it all along. My reason is purely down to that they’ll have the league done and dusted by the end of February. It’ll nearly be mathematically impossible for anyone to get them, and we aren’t far from that already and I think they’ll change their formation, their team because of the Champions League and I think they’ll get beat along the way’.

Looking back at the league’s history, Arsenal is the only team that finished their season without a single defeat back in 2003/04 - when they were also the champion. They also hold the longest unbeaten record in the Premier League, going undefeated for 49 games.

Similarly, Arsenal has sort of regained their form when they beat Newcastle 4-0 in their recent Premier League match. The club also broke a record with Mesut Ozil’s goal (the record that was broken was the most number of passes leading to a goal in the current Premier League season). His goal was also his first since April.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA