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Jan 23, 2020, 6:45:00 AM

Leicester Wins Behind Perez’s Double

Leicester City comes up with a win to snap a two-game losing streak that saw them fall off in the race for the Premier League’s top spot. The team eased up in claiming their 15th win of the season over West Ham.

Ayoze Perez scored a brace to lead his team to a 4-1 win over West Ham. The team has been clearly dominant since the kick-off and has finished the game with the same aggressive pace that they began with.

It was one of those big games that mattered for Leicester, who were hoping to close the gap between them and Manchester City. Recent drawbacks, however, have led them into falling behind by three points despite this win.

Leicester had 19 shot attempts in the game and had eight of those on target. They limited West Ham to just six shot attempts, with two of those on target. It was one of those rare nights that Leicester City led both in the possession and the shots attempted. The team’s passing seemed to be the biggest factor in the game. They made 571 for a strong 85% passing accuracy in the whole game. They were making big plays out of those passes that led to those eight shots on target.

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The game could have been a blowout if Jamie Vardy didn’t get injured.

The injuries took the team by storm in the first half, the team lost Mendy first as the latter hobbled off the field in the 32nd minute as he pointed on his left knee in pain. Vardy followed 12 minutes after that Mendy injury, he complained about his left hamstring problem.

Harvey Barnes drew first blood in the game after coming up with a goal in the 24th minute to give Leicester the lead. Ricardo Pereira added another one in the first half’s stoppage time with a daring shot into the bottom corner.

Perez’s magic then came on the second half after West Ham managed to trim the lead to 2-1 thanks to a goal by Mark Noble in the 50th minute. He first drained a penalty goal in the 81st minute before topping it off with another goal in the 88th minute to put the game away.

The upcoming games against Liverpool and Manchester City would be tougher for Leicester as they are missing star striker Jamie Vardy, and must fight if they want to keep their title chances alive.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA