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Leipzig Wants to Finish Bundesliga Season
May 27, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Leipzig Wants to Finish Bundesliga Season

RB Leipzig has been one of the consistent title contenders throughout the season. With the season pause finally over, the team claimed that they are eager to finish the campaign and hopefully deliver a big win on the Bundesliga crown.

The club’s CEO Oliver Mintzlaff claimed that it was very absurd not to finish the season back then. He called it an ‘absolute disaster’ if the only reason for the season’s restart would be the pandemic. Germany has already put up lockdown measures to slow the spread of the virus.

The league was able to make its return in the second week of May. The club has been impressive in its return so far, they are not behind that much from the title race and have been very aggressive in the closing games of the season.

‘We love the diversity of the Bundesliga and every fan wants it to continue. Therefore we want to do everything possible to prevent this disaster’, said Mintzlaff in a proposal for the games back then. ‘We still believe that games without viewers can be implemented relatively quickly. To do this, for example, we have to make sure that 200 to 300 people can go to the stadiums to ensure a smooth match day’.

Julian Nagelsmann’s squad is sitting at the third spot in the Bundesliga. They are needing a one big push to make a final run at the top spot. They have been leading the league since the start of the season, and they have only lost their grasp in the Ruckrunde.

Meanwhile, former USMNT player Tyler Adams reflected on returning to the game with Leipzig. He is practising with three other teammates along with an assistant coach in every session as prescribed by the league’s health safety protocol.

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‘It’s just a good feeling to have the ball at your feet, have teammates you are able to see’, said Adams. ‘It’s a little bit tricky because you can only do certain passing drills, you can do dribbling, you can do running and fitness and finishing’.

Leipzig has been making up for their many missed chances in the season. They already had the lead, and they are willing to do everything it takes to get the lead back as soon as they can. After all, they’re in the endgame right now, and it means that their time is short.

Dortmund and Bayern will be tough opponents in the closing games. Although the two leaders have settled their dispute in today’s matchday, there is still a lot of open chances that Leipzig might be able to fit itself in and claim a win in the league’s last games.

It seems like that intense finish is going to happen after all.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA