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Locatelli’s brace sends Italy to Knockout Stages
Jun 17, 2021, 3:30:00 AM

Locatelli’s brace sends Italy to Knockout Stages

Manuel Locatelli led Italy in their 3-0 clean sheet win over Switzerland to wrap up their run in the Group Stages. The team proved they can stay hot from start to finish and it was the main story of their huge win as Italy did not bat an eye to take down the Swiss squad.

Italy is now the only side in Group A to win their first two games. The side pushed their unbeaten run to 29 games in a row with this win. They are keen to take the same pace into the next round, and it seems the side is a tough one to beat.

Locatelli found his way into the box by cutting from the left side. The midfielder had a lot of grit in his first play to score for Italy as he blew his way past two defenders before he shot his first goal of the night.

Italy was fresh for the whole game. They looked like a brand new unit that has been tweaked for the whole Euro tourney. It seems they have found their groove for the rest of the competition. Roberto Mancini’s side took down Turkey in their first game with a 3-0 win before they pulled off the same over the Swiss squad.

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The squad had 13 shots for the whole game and all three of those shots on target went in. They held the ball for 49% and had 527 passes to nail an 85% accuracy. It seems that Italy has been really on the higher level of their games so far.

Locatelli then had one more strike from the edge, this time it was a long volley that punched its way and slipped past the keeper Yann Sommer’s hands to make it 2-0. The Swiss side could not clap back at Italy’s attack and failed to come up with a goal of their own.

Ciro Immobile later came up with a long drive and beat Sommer to cap off the win for Italy. He made the big shot in the 89th minute and closed out the game for good. The Swiss were barely a threat to Italy’s backline as they were always on the other side of the pitch.

The Swiss side had six shots and yet only one almost found its way into the net. They had the ball for 51% and made 542 passes for 86% accuracy but they could not turn those wins in the stat sheet into a solid win in the game.

Italy’s backline has gone 10 games with no goals allowed in all contests. It is a run close to 1,000 minutes, which says a lot about their defence and pace heading to the next round of the Euro tourney.

This is a huge win for Italy, and they are keen to keep this pace going as far as they can.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA