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Luan Peres believes Marseille can become Ligue 1 champs
Sep 22, 2021, 4:10:00 AM

Luan Peres believes Marseille can become Ligue 1 champs

Marseille is second in the Ligue 1 table. With a good record, Luan Peres believes he and the rest of the squad can pull off an upset in the 2021-22 season. Lille managed to beat Paris SG in the 2020-21 season and Marseille wants to do the same.

Jorge Sampaoli and the rest of the Marseille squad are fresh off a 2-0 win at home against Rennes. This places them second in the league five points behind Paris SG with a game in hand. As the fresh signing, Peres believes there is no reason why Marseille can’t compete with Paris SG at the top of the table.

It also helps that defending champs Lille are in a slump early in the season which leaves a spot at the top of the table. Peres knows his team can upset Paris SG because the squad is filled with good players and they’re coached well.

Peres said, ‘Of course we can upset them. Paris SG has a great team, but they are not invincible and we also have a great team. If we continue to play well with a good state of mind and stay focused, we can remain in contention with them’.

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Peres himself already has experience playing against Paris SG in the past. He was a Club Brugge player and he was happy with what he saw from their performance against Paris SG earlier in September. They pulled a 1-1 draw against the French titans which was an achievement since they were heavy underdogs.

Marseille boasts the longest unbeaten home record in Ligue 1 dating back to February 2021. As eternal rivals, Marseille and Paris SG will have to play a Classique on October 24. That will potentially be a deciding factor for the title race.

He said, ‘We have two very important games to come against Paris SG, that gives us the opportunity to win and move ahead of them. It's not impossible that we can be champions’.

It will be fun to see Marseille compete with the Ligue 1 titans because most fans have written the rest of the league off because of Paris SG’s dominance.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA