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Jun 29, 2020, 6:15:00 AM

Lucas Moura Wants to Return to Brazil After Spurs Stint

Rarely-used right-winger Lucas Moura has given his goals at Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League before he decides to return to his hometown club in São Paulo.

Moura joined the Spurs in 2018 after a relatively successful stint at Paris Saint-Germain. During his current stint with the team, he has been productive when his name is called upon. Under former manager Mauricio Pochettino, he was a rarely used and was stuck on the bench.

In the most recent change in management, Jose Mourinho has managed to use him properly as a consistent role in the starting XI. His momentum started when he managed to score a hat trick against Ajax in the 2019 Champions League semifinal. He has been enjoying his time nowadays with the team because he has found his niche with them.

Now that he has found a consistent role in the team, he has set goals for himself because he wants to finish up his time with the Spurs on the right note before he sets out on his boyhood dream of returning to Sao Paulo where he wants to lead a team to titles.

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Moura said, ‘You know I have that goal in my career. But I have things to achieve here, the club is growing a lot. With the arrival of Mourinho and after last season, we reached another level. I aim to be champion here. I really want to be a champion and mark my name in the history of the club. When I get determined to return to São Paulo, if the club wants me, I’ll definitely go there’.

Tottenham has a lot of problems in the offensive department right now with the injury to Son Heung-Min and the situation surrounding their star, Harry Kane. The latter has been having trouble with the club because he has shown interest in leaving in the next transfer window. This will be a shocking move because Kane has been with the club ever since his youth days.

Since he is just 27 years of age, Moura still has a lot of room to grow and to show his skills on the Spurs. This is a far cry from when he started with the Spurs because he struggled to hone his skills in the English game because of the language barrier and he had limited opportunities to shine.

Moura said, ‘It’s the most competitive football in the world. I think it stands out for the intensity of the game and the tactical discipline, which is very high. I suffered a lot in the beginning with the physical part. The first pre-season was very difficult. I think that stands out for this, in addition to technical quality, of having many players from different countries who come to play here for the beauty of the league and the purchasing power of the clubs’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA