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Man United beats Crystal Palace: A few takeaways
Dec 8, 2021, 4:12:00 AM

Man United beats Crystal Palace: A few takeaways

During the matchup between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, new interim manager Ralf Rangnick became the sixth German to manage in the Premier League. He secured his first win during his first game acting manager in charge during the feisty competition.

In the German's debut in Old Trafford, there is quite an irony as one of their players known for being reckless on the football field helped the team secure three points. Fred has a tendency to go wild and dash through the open field with a ball in possession and score the goal post at all cylinders with his magnificent kick.

He scored the game’s winning goal to secure the Red Devils’ victory against Palace. As it happens, Manchester United was also under new management of Ralf Rangnick, the interim manager who is currently acting as head manager of the football club who ultimately won his very first game as one in the Premier League.

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How Manchester United beat Crystal Palace

Fred rescued what seemingly was supposed to be a scoreless game that would’ve ended in a tie. Manchester United were dominant in their victorious matchup against Crystal Palace mainly because of their defence.

After Crystal Palace was scoreless all throughout the game, their solid lockdown defence was proof enough to put them above the competition and landed the victory.

Moreover, Fred was so dominant against Palace’s defence that he scored the goal to ultimately win the game. Michael Carrick showed praise for the young Brazilian striker, and as Rangnick is taking control of the FC, major changes to the offence will soon ensue and Fred will be in the middle of it.

‘If you play the way we did with regard to intensity, being on the front foot, playing proactively and having four offensive players, it's highly important you have players behind who are very disciplined and proactively aggressive against the ball’, said Rangnick. ‘Scotty [McTominay] and Fred are almost perfect defensively’.

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Fred’s show for dominance ignited the Devils’ future games

The shift to Rangnick’s system from the old Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has Fred’s goal against Palace showing so much significance as a new offence will soon transpire around the team’s offensive system.

The stats also show a somewhat positive or negative perspective as notable facts about Palace’s preceding two matchups against United saw a 24% and 29% field possession percentage. In this game against Manchester United, their possession was up 10 points that marked an outstanding 39%.

For the Red Devils, there was obviously a change in the schemes and approach under the management of Rangnick. It was clear during the first half despite Ralf’s named the exact same side utilised by Carrick en route to a matchup against Arsenal during his final game as a caretaker.

Against Crystal Palace, United was criticised for the lack of aggression and intent without the possession of the ball. It made a season high of whopping 65 recoveries which is an increase by an average of 56.4 so far this season. All in all, United won the possession in the final ⅓ 12 times their term average before the game was 4.1. As stated, this was the highest number in the season so far for the Devils.

Furthermore, home players were involved in 121 matches that is up from the term average of 92.6 and were victorious for 54 of them. Fred’s goal means a lot to these stats which can be analysed and interpreted under a positive light instead of juxtaposing how the Devils are lacking the edge in the offensive post. Their expected goals numbers are down from an average of 1.4 to 0.9 which shows how they struggled to create a chance to score a pronounced goal despite the modified approach in the offensive schemes.

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The coaching staff helps lead United to success 

With Rangnick spearheading United’s offensive and defensive schemes, there’s no denying that the success of United’s spectacular season is all due to the excellent coaching staff. During the stint of Sir Alex Ferguson, who has had so many accolades with the Red Devils, the former coach shaped the club to becoming one of the most dominant teams in the Premier League.

Moreover, the culture of United’s incredible offence where they charge through the opponents’ defence is unlike any other team in the Premier League today. There’s just so many things to love about the rich culture and coaching of the Red Devils, and their incredible season is evidence enough that any club will go a long way with these as priorities.

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A remarkable roster 

A football club can only go as far as the quality of its players. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Fred and Paul Pogba, teams are having a hard time defending the star-studded devils as they approach the goal post while fearing either one of United’s strikers for scoring a goal. 

With how dominant Manchester United has been playing, the players are all working in synergy that has placed them on top of the Premier League standings where only a few teams can even come close to their greatness. 

Defence will always ignite the offence

When Manchester United converts most of their possessions from their reputable defensive schemes, there is simply more to work with their goal-setting schemes that will put them head over shoulders above any team in the league. 

There’s a saying that ‘defence wins championships’, and this is the Devils’ secret weapon to push teams to the brink and try out the most exquisite and effective offence where only a few can achieve this season. 

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Words: Vonn Consul

Image: PA