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Feb 19, 2020, 6:52:00 AM

Manchester United Fans Kicked Out For Homophobic Chants

Chelsea has recently revealed that they have denied entry to some Manchester United fans while kicking out others for ‘unacceptable homophobic chants’ in their recent 2-0 loss to the team. Chelsea has vowed to ban them in future matches at Stamford Bridge.

The club has released a statement yesterday and has addressed the behaviour of the said Manchester United fans in the game.

‘At last night’s (Monday's) match a large group of Manchester United supporters made unacceptable homophobic chants’, Chelsea said in their statement. ‘A number of these away supporters were prevented from entering the stadium and others were ejected during the game’.

‘This behaviour will not be tolerated at Chelsea Football Club’, the team continued. ‘Those supporters will be banned from attending matches at Stamford Bridge in future, and in cooperation with Manchester United, we have passed the details of those supporters to them so they can take appropriate action’.

Manchester United escaped with a 2-0 win after Chelsea’s two goals were ruled out by the Video Assistant Referee. Kurt Zouma had a goal in the first half but was waived off by the ruling. Olivier Giroud’s 77th-minute goal could have tied the game if both goals were not disallowed.

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The Football Association said that they will not look further in the alleged homophobic chants from Manchester United fans. Twitter, however, showed a trend in the use of ‘VARchester United’ in the tweets about the game.

‘We will take the allegations extremely seriously and remain in regular, ongoing discussions with the Police, Kick It Out and Crown Prosecution Service on what language is deemed discriminatory’, said the FA.

West Ham condemned their own fans after singing homophobic chants in their Premier League match against Chelsea last December 2019. They sang ‘Chelsea Rent Boys’ at Stamford Bridge, and the Chelsea Supporters Trust said that the chants were continuous.

Stonewall director of Sport Robbie de Santos was interviewed regarding the matter.

‘With this particular chant, a lot of people say that they don't understand what is meant by the chant’, said de Santos. ‘That doesn't make it excusable but it shows that part of the solutions to stopping this chant is to make sure that people understand what the implications of the word rent boy actually mean’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA