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Marcus Rashford backs Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to inspire youth players
Jul 18, 2019, 7:11:00 PM

Marcus Rashford backs Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to inspire youth players

Marcus Rashford believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will get the best out of Mason Greenwood and the next exciting crop of Manchester United youngsters.

Greenwood has impressed in pre-season and could well start the new campaign as first choice, despite being just 17-years-old.

Solskjaer is convinced that Greenwood will score goals this season, having recently hailed his shooting ability on both feet.

Rashford said of Greenwood: “For him, you have to understand people's characteristics. He's quite a laid-back person so I think for him it's no good putting things in his head constantly and repeatedly.

“He's a clever kid so he'll learn it as he goes, but, yeah, his natural abilities are frightening.

“The manager is obviously doing a good job in sort of guiding him in the right direction and the more you do that, his talent will just come through."

“Mentally for the young lads, that does a whole lot for them. They know if they play well and they perform, they're going to get a chance.

“It's nothing to do with how old they are. You know, they're definitely going to get that opportunity.

“For the players as well it's important to know that, the club's legacy of bringing players through. It's as good as anyone's,” he added.

Words: Jake Evans

Images: PA