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Jun 2, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Martin Braithwaite Claims He Will Be La Liga's Top Goalscorer

Braithwaite had great scoring seasons before he joined Barcelona. Now that he is with the team, he sees himself to be the entire league’s top goalscorer.

He has scored double figures in goals previously when he was in France with Toulouse. With Leganes, he showed the potential of returning to a great scorer. With Barcelona, he has a plethora of chances to score.

Braithwaite sees himself as a starter and a top scorer for the team. He said, ‘I have to be a starter in the team and a goalscorer, When you play for Barcelona, ​​you get so many chances, so there is no doubt that I see myself scoring a lot of goals and being one of the top goalscorers in the team and in the league. That's what I'm here for’.

The Danish forward has made three appearances for the squad coming off the bench in two matches and starting in one.

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Bursting with confidence, Braithwaite believes that he will have a large role at Camp Nou. He said, ‘I'm looking forward to us starting to play again and I know I'll be back with a bang. I am very calm and believe in my own abilities. I also spend a lot of time visualising how I would like things to go. I have seen in my life that things go as I visualise them in my head. So I'm incredibly excited and looking forward to coming back because it's going to be amazing, what's going to happen’.

He is set to have a good stint for Barcelona because most of the team likes him. The club’s franchise star, in particular, loves playing with him. He particularly likes Braithwaite’s ability to create opportunities for his teammates but he also has the capacity to score by himself.

Braithwaite is hard at work preparing to pounce on the opportunity to become a star player. In his short stint with the team, he has shown the potential of being a great offensive player. It seems that Messi and manager Quique Setién are big fans of the forward.

Braithwaite said that he has to work hard and believe in himself. He has been working the hardest he has ever been when he arrived in Barcelona. This is because he wanted to prove that he was worth the effort and he wanted to pay back the people who believed in him. He believes that he is the hardest working guy in the room and he does not want anyone to forget that.

La Liga is set to return on the 12th of June. We can expect Braithwaite to be one of his team’s most important players heading into the season restart.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA