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Jun 30, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Medran Confident After La Liga Stint

Alvaro Medran had plenty of constant change in his football career. He came up with a decision to go for greener pastures and try out the uncharted waters of La Liga. He went on to play for six clubs in six years after that. Medran later joined the Chicago Fire in the MLS by 2019.

Medran joined Real Madrid’s fabled academy as a teenager and dreamt of playing with the world’s biggest football stars at the Santiago Bernabeu. That did not happen at all, and Medran had no choice but to go for other clubs in La Liga.

Medran eventually landed in Valencia, he signed a contract with the club but then he was sent on loan for three other teams before the end of his deal. After a few months, he was sitting without a team, and he got a call from the Fire, opting to start over again.

‘I’m taking this with patience’, Medran said in an interview. ‘I had to wait almost a year to play against regularly and just when everything was kicking off, we had to stop and I have to continue waiting. If I have anything, it’s patience’.

Medran then was signed by the Fire once more and he saw a new staff took over for the team. He saw a lot of minutes in the team’s first two matches before the pandemic forced many sports leagues to cancel their seasons.

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Back then, Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti gave him his debut with the club. He had two matches in La Liga as well as the Champions League, and Medran impressed them by scoring in both matches.

Medran said he was very thankful for Ancelotti’s trust in keeping him in the first team.

‘It wasn’t what I wanted’, Medran said of that time in Spain. ‘When I’d leave to go to other teams, it’d be for regular playing time but it wasn’t what I expected or wanted. They weren’t good years for me. I wanted to keep playing regularly, so it wasn’t the greatest time. But it was good because of that, I ended up coming here. Every day that passes confirms I made the right choice in coming here’.

Madrid is a club known to spend lavish transfer fees during summer. Medran had to get on the rollercoaster ride as he went on to arrive at a new home every single year in his La Liga stint. He was searching for a playing time that was never handed to him.

‘I have a lot of faith and trust in my team’, Medran said of his fresh stint in the MLS. ‘We have new players, a new coach and we’re basically almost a new club. The club has good ideas, the staff has good ideas in what they want from us’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA