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Jun 2, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Mourinho Eager for League Restart

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is excited regarding the Premier League’s return to action following a long pause due to the global pandemic. It has been a tough ride for the league, but they are now set to make their return in two weeks with a lot of matches still left to play.

Tottenham will not headline the set of games that are scheduled for play by June 17th. It means that they still have a lot of time to prepare just like the other clubs who are not going to play in the first string of fixtures.

Mourinho’s side is currently sitting at the eighth spot in the Premier League table this season when the pandemic has hit many countries all over the world. A lot of sports leagues were forced to cancel or suspend their seasons to preserve the health and safety of their staff and players.

Tottenham is just seven points back from joining the top four once more this season. They have already been at their best when they reached the top five spot, but a string of losses and draws led to their demise and crushed their chances earlier as they fell to their current spot.

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It only means that there is a lot of work to be done for the team if they want to get it right. Mourinho is just eager to get back to action and lead his club right back where they were earlier in the season.

‘We used to be the football that never stops, even in periods like Christmas – we are the league for the world and it feels a bit strange that we’re not playing but we are waiting patiently for the green light to go’, said Mourinho. ‘There was a moment we were all scared about when we start. The season is over? Next season will start September, October, November… who knows?’.

They still have a chance to get to the top four assuming that they do well in their set of games for the remainder of the season. There are no guarantees especially in times like this, but Mourinho’s club is surely aiming to make history and tell one of the biggest comeback stories this season.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA