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Jun 30, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Origi Reflects on Stunning Barcelona Win

Divock Origi has a lot of memories with the Reds, but one thing he will never forget is the team’s stunning comeback win in the Champions League semi-final last year. It was a majestic night at Anfield, and the fans were thrilled by the team’s display of grit in the amazing win.

Electric. Special. Intense. These were the words that Origi used to describe how the game actually felt for him. It was the second leg of their series against Barcelona, and everyone knew how important it was to take the win in that game.

The Reds were coming off a big win at Newcastle, and it gave them a lot of energy and kept them in the race for the league title back then. The team expected to battle Barcelona in the Champions League, and so they wanted to bring home the thunder and push further in the tournament.

Liverpool tried to relax and contained positive energy within the team. There was no sense that the team would give up. They recovered and prepared themselves for a battle they have never seen before especially after losing the first leg at Camp Nou.

‘I think the first-leg scoreline definitely put the bar very high, which we like, because obviously you need to score four and not concede against one of the best teams in the world’, Origi explained. ‘So it challenged us to dig very deep and the fact that they scored three goals helped us even more to just go out there and play our football’.

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The Reds were confident despite taking the loss in the first leg. They had this strong discipline in games since Jurgen Klopp stepped in and brought new fundamentals into the team.

‘We know our fundamentals, we know what we have to do, we know what makes us Liverpool, and it’s the same for the fans and for everyone’, he added. ‘I think that game brought the best side of us up. I do think that we were really, really, super motivated and we were on it’.

The Reds came up with a 3-0 lead in the game. Klopp motivated them at the half and told them to keep going. Origi scored once to draw first blood in the game, but he later managed to seal the deal for the team as well.

Origi said that it was all just different emotions. He said that he has always been team-first when it comes to making decisions on the pitch, and so he made a call that would eventually help the team win. He worked on his finishing touches in the game, and it all paid off late in that win.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA