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Osho wants to see Enyimba bounce back
Jun 18, 2021, 4:25:00 AM

Osho wants to see Enyimba bounce back

Enyimba is yet to get back up at the league table. While they are still in the top 10, the club is yet to make a huge push into the big spots with an on and off run for the squad. Fatai Osho’s loss to Katsina United was a shot to their hearts as they fell short of a huge win.

Most sports fans know that Enyimba is one of the best teams in the league. The lack of wins from the team in the past few months has pulled them down from the top all the way to the seventh spot.

Osho was not pleased with their tough loss to Katsina on Matchday 27. The club was trumped 3-1 in what could have been a big win for Enyimba. Only Anayo Iwuala scored the ball for the team, and they could not clap back at Katsina even when they had time in the second half.

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‘It’s quite strange, it’s not usual of the team. We saw a whole lot of them (the players) off the ball. We gave a whole lot of space to them’, Osho said. ‘A lot of loose players who were there and we could have been a bit tidy getting close to them’.

The coach also noted that any team could have taken them down in the first 45 minutes of action. They had to make quick changes early and yet they failed to respond when it mattered the most.

There were a lot of goals allowed for the team so far. Enyimba let go of three big shots in the first half alone. They did not cover the open sides prone to attacks. Katsina punished them for that and they could simply not answer back.

‘I think that should have been the turning point but we were playing a very physical Katsina United team’, Osho said. ‘They thrived more on their strength and they put it to great use. You can’t fault them on that. But we could have done better’.

Enyimba needs to play better in their next set of games. They have to bounce back from this blunder and Osho knows there is a lot of work to be done.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA